The British Imperialism In India

By kencoa
  • Jan 1, 1497

    vasco de gama sails for india

    when henry died in 1460 british made trading posts.
    portuguess filled the ship with spices like pepper and cinnamon
  • Establishment Of The British East India Company

    India was a mjor supplier for great britain.
    the british set up things thatprevent the indian economy from doing things on their own.
  • Decline Of The Mugual Empire

    aurangzeb levied increased tax burdenand made more trouble and more bad people.
    when the mughal empire rose and fell wester traders slowly built their own powers in the region.
  • Industrial Revolution In Britain

    the industrial revolution started in england and spread to other countries in 1700small farms covered england, and wealthy landowners to buy out most of the land that villagers owned.
    the first, landowners tried new agricultural solutionsand Second large landowners forced small farmers to become resident farmers or to give up farming and move to other cities.
  • British Overcome French And take controle Of India

    British and and french fought for controle over india and the british won.
  • Creation Of The Indian National Congress (INC)

    the indians were barred from the top post in the indian civil service.
    the indians and the british had problems to continue to develope in the following years.
  • Sepoy Rebellion

    95 out of 90 people refused to eat the cartridges because their was a rumor that it was greesed with beef and pork fat, and some soldiers were jailed.
    the british and sepoy faught each others army and it took about a year for them to regain power.
  • British Colonized India

    the british government took india and took cammand over them.
    the mutinity grew throughout the british and the indians.
  • Creation Of The Muslim League.

    Gandhi launged a noncooperation against the British.
    Gandhi wil fight for india without violence or killing.
  • Amristar Massacre

    The British government banned political event and the indians didn't know.
    The commander told soldiers to fire at the crowed and 400 indians died and 1200 were wounded.
  • Rowlett Acts

    Rowlett Act is a law that allowed the government to jail protesters.
    the india in the western rights were disobayed.
  • Mohandas Gandhi's Leadership Of The INC

    Gsndhis teachings blended ideas from all different relagions around the world like the hinduism,islam and christianity.
    Gandhi was a good leader to his people because he did things like boycotting and not fighting others for his rights.
  • Ganhi's Travels Stressing Nonviolent Residence

    Gandhi becomes the leader of the independence movement of india.
    Gandhi's urged with the indains to do the things such as noncooperation with the british.
  • The Salt March

    indians payed tax on the salt to show that they are different.
    Gandhi and many others were arrested for thier marching throughout british.
  • WWII-Riots Between Hindus And Muslims

    The british House of common passed an Act in in india and pakistan.
  • Government Of India Act

    The British Passed a government act of india.
    Gandhi and his people repeated their civil walking of disobedience to the british.
  • Partition

    The seperation of Hindu and Muslims nation.
    the pakistan took over indiands teritory and now they will live in the eastwesteren where the indians use to live
  • India/ pakistan Independence

    500 hundredNative americans princes had to pick wich democrocy they will join.
    Many groups had to decide whre to go.