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Imperialsim of india

  • Jan 1, 1497

    Vasco De Gama Sails to India

    Vasco De Gama Sails to India
    Vasco De GAma was a Portugese explorer who Started to explore the east coast of Africa. When De Gama reach india at the port of Calcut he was shocked with the many objects he had laid eyes on, spices rare silks, and gems.
  • Establishment of british EIC

    Establishment of british EIC
    Britain began to get interested in India in the 1600's. The british EIC set up trading posts at all the indian ports.
  • Decline of the mughal empire

    Decline of the mughal empire
    When Aurangzebs ruling came to an end all of indias rescources had been depleted because of the way he ruled. He would always be out waging wars and not caring for his own people. No one had loyalty because he was such a bad leader,raising taxes and doubling them on hindu merchants. This caused the central stated to weaken and then finally the whole empire collapsed.
  • industrial revolution in Britian

    industrial revolution in Britian
    Revolution meaning new changed the way people worked. Instead of hand made goods there was alot more machine made goods being put out on the market. Once the machine that were worked by people at weaving textile mills put those people out of work now being able to operate themselves. This also caused a drastic change in agriculture.
  • British overcome french and take control of india

    British overcome french and take control of india
    The french united with the indians lost the battle of Plassey to the EIC troops who were led by Robert Clive in 1757. From 1757 the EIC was the strongest power in India until 1858.
  • Sepoy Rebellion

    Sepoy Rebellion
    The sepoys rebelled because the gun cartriges were greased with beef and pork fat. The hindus and muslims would not accept the cartriges so they were jailed which caused all the sepoys to rebel. But unfortunately the Indians lost the battle due to unstable leadership and no unity between the hindus and muslims. After the rebellion the British took full control over India.
  • British Colonized India

    British Colonized India
    After the rebellion Britain takes total control over India. Britain promises the indian states that they could be independent.
    but britain had main power and more control over the states as years went by. India went under the rule of Britain when Queen Victoriea was in reign.
  • Creation of the INC

    Creation of the INC
    Natiolism started to thrive which caused two groups to form, the INC and Muslims league. The two groups were calling themselves self goverenment. Indians formed these two groups because they hated the way they were treated as second class.
  • Creation of the muslim league

    Creation of the muslim league
    the Muslim league was founded to protect indian muslim interests because it was thought that the Hindu party mainly looked out for hindu interests. The leader of the Muslim league was Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The muslims and hindus hated eachother so the muslims never wanted to be under hindu political reign.
  • Rowlatt Acts

    Rowlatt Acts
    Because of radical nationalists doing violent things to disturb the british.British pass a law allowing them to jail anyone for twp years with out trial which violated the indian rights.
  • Amritsar massacre

    Amritsar massacre
    10,000 hindus and muslims went to Amritsar to protest the Rolatt acts. This act allowed people to be jailed for two years without any trial. This caused the muslims and hindus to to make an alliance which really alarmed the British and concerned them. Since the hindus and muslims didnt know public meetings were prohibited the british opened fire on the killig 400 and wounding 1,200. This event caused millions of indians to switch from loyal subject of britain to nationalists.
  • Gandhi travels

    Gandhi travels
    Gandhi luanches his campaign to weaken economic power over india. One of his ideas is civil disobiedience like to stop buying british goods, stop going to government school, paying british taxes.
  • Mohandas Gandhis leadership of the INC

    Mohandas Gandhis leadership of the INC
    Mohandas k. Gandhi began to be the leader or the independence movement. He was a leader of nonviolence and believe that problems could be solved bynoncooperation. Ganhis teachings were from all over the world which was why many people started to follow a noncooperation plan with the british government.
  • The Salt March

    The Salt March
    In 1930 Gandhi and his people alked 240 miles to the sea to collect salt water and make their own salt, This was because the only place they could buy salt from was the british government adn they were tax for it. Later on they made another peacful march to close down the salt works. And were attacked by officers but did not fight back.
  • Government of india act

    Government of india act
    in 1935 the british passed the Governemnt of india act. This act allowed them not to have full independence but a self government anddemocratic elections. but this increased tensions between hindus and muslims.
  • partition

    The first idea was to give partition to muslims because it would create a secure region. But then partition played it role and then slims lived would be turned into Pakistan.
  • WWII riotsbetween hindus and muslims

    WWII riotsbetween hindus and muslims
    Muslims didnt want to be part of a government that was run by hindus. This caused many riots to break out in various cities. 4 Dasy of constant fighting in Calcutta resulted in 5,000 dead and more than 15,000 injured or wounded.
  • indian/pakistan independence

    indian/pakistan independence
    In 1947 Britain granted idian and Pakistan ndependece. When this happend 500 princes had to decide where to go. This was a big change for india muslims and hindus had to also decide everything to the smallest item.
  • Gandhi's Death

    Gandhi's Death
    Gandhi went to New Delhi himself to plead for fair treatment of the muslims. and while he was there he was killed by a radical hindu because he thought Gandhi was too protective of muslims