British Imperialism in India

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  • Jul 1, 1497

    Vasco De Gama Sails For India

    He began exploring the East African coast because him and his crew were amazed by the spices, rare silks, and precious gems.
  • Decline of the Mughal Empire

    Aurangezeb let over 2 million of his subjects die while he was at war, so he lost all resect
  • Industrial Revolution in Britain

    Small farms covered England's landscape. Wealthy landowners enclosed their land with fences or hedges.
  • Sepoy Rebellion

    Econimic probems increased for Indians, and so did their feelings of resentment and nationalism.
  • Establishment of the British East India Company

    The British government regulated the East India company's effort both in London and India.
  • British Colonized India

    The British government took direct command of India.
  • British Overcome Frech and Take Control Over India

    The are controlled by the East India Company gre over time. Eventually, if governed modern Bangladesh, most of Southern India, and nearly all the territory along the Ganges River.
  • Creation of the Indian National Congress (INC)

    Growing nationalism led to the following of two nationalist groups, the INC and the Muslim League
  • Creation of the Muslim League

    An organization founded in India to protect Muslim interests
  • Amritsar massacre

    10,000 Hindus and Muslims gathered to Amritsar to pray and fast and to listen to political speeches. The British commander ordered the troops to shoot everyone because they were breaking a law by having a public meeting.
  • Rowlett Acts

    Laws that allowed the government to jail protesters without trial for at least two years.
  • Mohandas Gandhi's Leadership of the INC

    Gandhi urged the INC to follow a policy of noncooperation with the Britsh government.
  • Gandhi'sTravels Stressing Nonviolent Resistance

    The congress party endorsednd civil disobedience and nonviolence to achieve independence
  • The Salt March

    Indians were only allowed to buy salt from the government so Gandhi and his followers walked 240 miles to the seacoast to make their own salt.
  • Government of India Act

    Provided local self-government and limited democratic elections.
  • WWII- Riots Between Hindus and Muslims

    Riots broke out in several Indian cities. 5,000 people died and 15,000 were hurt.
  • Partition

    Partition means a division in parts.
  • Indian/Pakistan Independence

    During that time 500 native princes to decide which nation they would join.
  • Gandhi's Death

    Gandhi went to the Indian capital to plead for fair treatment of Muslim refugees. There, he was shot by a Hindu extremist.