British Imperialism In India

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  • Jul 1, 1497

    Vasco de Gama sails for India

    He began exploring the east coast of Africa. He wanted to open a direct trade route to India for their spices
  • Establiment of the British East India company

    It was a trading post in Mumbai, which was made so they could control the trade.
  • Decline of the Mughal Empire

    Western traders slowly built their our power causing the Mughal Empire to fall
  • Industrial Revolution in Britian

    Wealthy landowners started buying all the land. On the lang they started producing different ways of production.
  • Creation of the Indian National Congress

    Indians started demanding more modernization. Then later two groups formed which were the Hindus and the Muslims.
  • Sepoy Rebellion

    The Britsh tried to convert all the Indians to Christianity. So the Indians got mad and started to rebel.
  • British overcome French and take control of India

    India forced allies with French in the Battle of Plassey
  • British colonized India

    British took direct command of India
  • Creation of the Muslim League

    Was created to protect Muslim interests. And was stated they would not accept any Hindus in it.
  • Rowlett Acts

    The Rowlett Acts aloowed the government to jail proteestant without trail for as long as two years.
  • Amritsar Massacre

    To protest Rowlatt Acts, around 10,000 Hindus and Muslim flocked to Amristar.
  • Mohandas Gandhi's leadership of the INC

    Gandhi urged the Indian National Congress to follow the policy of the noncooperation with the British government.
  • The Salt March

    Gandhi and his followers walked 240 miles to the seacoast. There they began to make their own salt by collected seawater and letting it everyone
  • WWII-Riots between Hindus and Muslim

    The fights broke out in several cities. Caused 5,000 deaths and 15,000 hurt.
  • Partition

    There was a partition between Hindus and Muslim,
  • Indian/Pakistan Independence

    The Britsh House of Common passed an act to give India and Pakistan to Independence.
  • Gandhi's Death

    A Hindu extremist,who thought Gandhi to protective of Muslims, shot and killed him.
  • Government of India Act

    They fueled tension between Muslims and Hindus.