Timeline: Imperialism In India

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  • Jul 1, 1497

    Vasco De Gama Sails For India

    Portuguese person started to explore east African coast. Found and filled his boat with spices and pepper.
  • Industrial Revolution In Britain

    Many farmers were in England and they bought new machines to make it easier for them to farm. This is when farmers used machines to make farming easier for them.
  • Decline Of The Mughal Empire

    After Aurangzeb's death the Mughal Empire fell into decline.
  • British Overcome French And Take Control Of India

    The British controlled modern Bangladesh, some of southern India, and almost all the land along the Ganges River in the north. The British even took some Indians into their army to serve them. They were called sepoys.
  • Sepoy Rebellion

    When British took Indians into their army. The Indians then herd a rumor that the musket balls were covered in beef and pork fat. Cow and lamb are sacred in India. The Indians rebelled and 100,000 were killed.
  • Establishment Of the British East India Company

    Leading power in India. Didn't allow Indians to have their own business. The Indians worked for the British. The Indians produced more goods for the British than for themselves and that caused a famine in India.
  • British Colonized India

    Raj is what this is called when the British took control over India. During the rebellion the British East India Company remained loyal to the British; therefore, the British said they would respect all the treaties they made with the Indian princess.
  • Creathion Of the Indian National Congress (INC)

    Indians demanded that they started governing themselves. Indians hated the system when they were 2nd class citizens in their own country. If there was a British engineer and an Indian engineer the British engineer would make 20 time the profet of the Indian.
  • Creation Of The Muslim League

    Was created to protect Muslim interests. Leader of the Muslim League was Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Muslim League said that it would never accept Indian independence if it meant rule by the Hindu-dominated Congress Party.
  • Amritsar Massacre

    To protect the Rowlatt Acts Hindus and Muslims went to the city Punjab. At a huge festival, they wanted to fast, pray, and to listen to political speeches. This alerted the British and they were scared of the Muslims and Hindus being friendlies. The British commander ordered the British troops to fire without warning into the crowd.
  • Rowlett Acts

    A law passed by the British government in India enabled them to jail anti-British protestors without trial for 2 years. Western educated Indians thought that a trial by jury violated their individual rights.
  • Mohandas Gandhi's Leadership Of The INC

    His teaching came together with all the religions of the world. He attracted lots of people and soon they began calling him Mahatma meaning "great soul".
  • Gandhi's Travels Stressing Nonviolent Resistance

    This was for Mohandas K. Gandhi to become the leader of independence movement. Gandhi gave the people that were struggeling for independence a warning.
  • The Salt March

    Ghandi organized a demonstration to show the hated salt acts. More things popped up against the salt taxes and 60,000 people were arrested.
  • Government Of India Act

    Provides local self-governmnt and democratic elections. The Government Of India Act also rose anger between Muslims and Hindus.
  • World War II - Riots Between Hindus And Muslims

    When World War II ended the British were in a lot of debt and they wanted to give India back its power. The only problem was who should have power Hindus or Muslims? In Calcutta there was a riot and left 5,000 people dead and 15,000 wounded.
  • Partition

    Partition is the seperation of India into two parts Hindus and Muslims. The northwest and eastern were Muslims.
  • Indian / Pakistan Independence

    The British House of Commons passed an act that granted two nations, India and Pakistan, independence in one month's time. In that time Pakistan and India merged together.
  • Gandhi's Death

    Ghandi went to Dheli to ask for fairness of the Muslims, but one person thought him being too protective and shot him.