James maddison

The Madison Presidency

  • Elected

    James Madison was elected the 4th President of the United States in 1803 and took office following Thomas Jefferson on March 4, 1804.
  • Early Fight with Spain

    Early Fight with Spain
    James Madison seized the province of West Florida from Spain
  • Gabriel Duvall

    Gabriel Duvall
    James madison appointed Gabriel Duvall to the United States Supreme Court. He was seated as a Justice in November of 1811 and ended his reign as Supreme Court Justice on January 12, 1835
  • Joseph Story

    Joseph Story
    Madison appointed Joseph Story to the U.S. Supreme Court in Febuary 1812. Joseph Story's seat in the U.S. Supreme Court was not available again until September 10,1845.
  • Louisanna

    The Louisiana Purchace occured in 1803, however, it was not until 1812 that Louisiana joined the Union under the Presidency of James Madison.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    The occupation of Washington, D.C. forced Madison to flee the city and watch as the White House was set on fire by British troops. Exhaustion led to the end of conflict after the apparent defeat of Napoleon in 1814. Both the British and American will to continue were exhausted, the reasons for the war were forgotten, and it was a time for peace.
  • Second Barbary War

    Second Barbary War
    Also known as the Algerian War, the Second Barbary War brought to a conclusive end the American practice of paying tribute to the pirate states in the Mediterranean and marked the beginning of the end of the age of piracy in that region. The war ended in late 1815.
  • Bank of the United States

    Bank of the United States
    The 20 year charter of the Bank of the United States was scheduled to expire in 1811 during Madison's second year of administration. Madison awaited the charter's expiration. By late 1815, however, Madison asked Congress for a new bank, which had strong support from the younger, nationalistic Republicans. Madison signed their proposal into law in 1816, creating the Second Bank of the United States
  • Indiana

    Indiana joined the Union in 1816, near the end of Madison's Presidency.
  • Montpelier

    When James Madison left office, he retired to his tobacco plantation in Peiodmont, Virginia. He left office a poorer man than when he entered the presidency. However, his family's tobacco plantation, Montpelier, is now a historical landmark.