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7th Management Committee of The Bar, SMU Law Society

  • Le Law Lelong: Winter Edition

    The Bar organised for books to be sold by law students to other law students, with a rating system to objectively evaluate the books to allow students to determine the right price to pay for the books. This is an initiative over and above the Academy Publishing and LexisNexis discount programmes.
  • Launch of the Internship Application Database

    Created in collaboration with the Academic Director of the 34th MC, NUS Law Club, the Internship Application Database seeks to facilitate student applications for internships during the 2014 summer vacation by compiling information about the firms, as well as their respective application requirements and process.
  • Start of Term

    Start of Term
    The 7th Management Committee begins its term in office.
  • Period: to

    7th MC

  • Re-launch of The Bar's Student Loan Service

    Launched by the 6th Management Committee of the Bar in 2013, the Student Loan Service aims to provide items that may come in handy during the school term, in line with our mission to serve all students of SMU Law.
  • Annual General Meeting

    Annual General Meeting
    The 6th and 7th Management Committees hold their Annual General Meeting. The 6th Management Committee report their achievements during their term in office, and officially hand over their duties to the 7th Management Committee. The 7th Management Committee lays out their roadmap for their year in office.
  • Meeting between Tha Bar and its Subsidiary clubs

    On the 10the of January, a meeting was organised between The Bar and the presidents of the various subsidiary clubs. At this meeting, the vision of the 7th MC was shared as well as the direction that The Bar as a whole was going to take.Possible collaboration intitiatives were also discussed.
  • Start of IFG 2014

  • Meeting with Associate Dean (Teaching & Curriculum)

    Meeting with Associate Dean (Teaching & Curriculum)
    At the meeting with Associate Professor Wan Wai Yee, representatives from The Bar raised several points about the current LLB curriculum, including the need to review the BGS, TWC and ACCT101 Financial Accounting module for law students.
  • Patron's Day Appreciation Dinner

    The Bar President was invited by the school to host the wife of former Chief Justice Wee Chong Jin, as well as the Dean of the School of Law and the Dean of the School of Economics at the Patron's Day Appreciation Dinner.
  • Law Fraternity Games 2014

    The Law Fraternity Games are an annual sporting event aimed at fostering ties and establishing new relationships within the legal community. This year's Games took place over two weekends, and saw NUS Law, SMU Law and the Law Society of Singapore compete in numerous sports, including new events such as Women’s Soccer.
  • Ground-breaking Ceremony

    The 7th Management Committee takes part in the ground-breaking ceremony for the new School of Law building and the Kwa Geok Choo Law Library, to be completed in 2017. The Bar President was also invited by SMU to give an interview to the press about the new School of Law building.
  • School of Law comes in 2nd overall for IFG 2013

    The Bar, along with its subsidiary club, SMU Law Athletes, assists in making the School of Law 2nd overall in the Inter-Faculty Games 2013, despite the small population. This represents the highest ever placing for the faculty in the annual series.
  • Launch of The Bar's Instagram page

    The Public Relations Department launches the official SMU Law instagram page (@smulaw). The launch is accompanied by a #prosperity giveaway!
  • Welcome Party for Exchange Students

    The Bar's subsidiary club, the SMU Law International Relations Club, hosts a welcome party for the semester's incoming exchange students. This serves as an opportunity for integration as a part of the Student Exchange Integration Programme initiated by the SMU Law International Relations Club.
  • Law Hei

    To bring law students together in this time of celebration, The Bar put together a new initiative aimed at brining law students out of the library. Students mingled at the School of Law building with Lo Hei and good food to mark the start of another properous year for SMU Law!
  • Meeting with PBSO

    Directors of The Bar met with representatives from PBSO to disuus a possible collaboration on a Charity Walk. The concept of Just Run was raised at the meeting.
  • Meeting with NUS Law Club and FOCC Organising Committee

    At the meeting with our NUS counterparts, the feasibility of a NUS-SMU collaboration event was evaluated, and plans were set in motion for the resumption of the combined Law Beach Games.
  • Renewal of Rajah & Tann-SMU ties

    Renewal of Rajah & Tann-SMU ties
    The President and Public Relations Department of The Bar met with the Rajah & Tann recruitment team to renew the strong ties between the two institutions. The firm reaffirmed its interest to support Bar initiatives, moot competitions, academic workshops, and various other events.
  • Peer Tutoring Programme

    This student-led initiative, supported by The Bar, is aimed at assisting students get a student’s view of the understanding of subjects in law school. This also provides a platform for seniors to interact and assist juniors in law school with subjects which some may be grappling with.
  • Renewal of ties with Baker & McKenzie.Wong & Leow

    Renewal of ties with Baker & McKenzie.Wong & Leow
    Baker&McKenzie.Wong&Leow representatives met with representatives of The Bar and agreed to renew their sponsorship agreement for Law Camp 2014. Other initiatives, such as Law Run and Law Night Bike were also discussed.
  • Love Thy Neighbour: Valentine's Day 2014 (Cupid's Messenger)

    This year's Valentine’s Day initiative had two main segments Cupid’s Messenger and Candid. Cupid’s Messenger was a showcase of law school talent as our students read poems, sang dedications as well as songs in law classes. Our own hand-made chocolate bouquets were also sold as part of this initiative.
  • Inaugural Duane Morris & Selvam LLP Transactional Competition

    21 teams, comprising 53 students from both SMU and NUS participated in the competition. The competition was organized with the aim of exposing participants to the rigours of the various aspects of negotiating a sale and purchase agreement – from conferences with the client and agreement drafting to negotiation with the counter-party. The all-SMU finals saw Carol Lee (Year 2) and Bernice Tan (Year 2) emerge as the first winners, with Carol bagging the best individual negotiator award as well.
  • School of Law takes first place in IFG: Handball

    School of Law takes first place in IFG: Handball
    The victory represents the first time that our faculty has won a ball sport in the IFG calendar.
  • Love Thy Neighbour: Valentine's Day 2014

    This year's Valentine’s Day initiative had two main segments Cupid’s Messenger and Candid. Candid received plenty of traction on Facebook, with friends and couples posting pictures in appreciation of one another on The Bar’s Facebook page.
  • Law Internship & Career Fair

    Targetted at Year 2, 3 and 4 law students, the Internship & Career Fair showcased internship and training contract opportunities, and provided students with a platform for highly effective interactions with the prospective hirers.
  • Mid-Term Welfare Drive and Food Bazaar

    Mid-Term Welfare Drive and Food Bazaar
    As we neared the mid-way point of the semester, The Bar organised a mid-term welfare session to encourage and enable students to take some time away from your books and join their friends and schoolmates for a relaxed afternoon with food, drinks and good company. This welfare drive included the first Law School Food Bazaar - some of the food at the welfare drive was prepared by our own law students!
  • Law Night Bike 2014: Breaking Dawn

    Law Night Bike 2014: Breaking Dawn
    Participants cycle in groups in a night that was filled with scrumptious food and fun games and activities. The participants were grouped in a way that enabled inter-batch mingling and assisted in the fostering of a stronger law school spirit. The event marks the start of the W7 Recess Week.
  • Launch of the Faces of SMU Law Campaign

    "Faces of SMU Law" is an informal platform spearheaded by The SMU Law Society ("The Bar") to showcase the student life and diversity of SMU School of Law.
  • Open House 2014

  • Rodyk Challenge 2014

    Rodyk Challenge 2014
    The SMU team (comprising Sui Yi Siong, Dierdre Grace Morgan, and Lee Heng) emerged as grand champions in the Rodyk Challenge 2014.
  • Law Outreach Club's In-Session Dialogue

    A joint effort by NUS and SMU Law, the event hoped to raise the level of understanding and interest towards pro bono work among law school students in Singapore.
  • LRW Talk

    Organised annually by the Moot Court Club, the LRW Talk seeks to provide guidance to Year One students taking the Legal Research & Writing module. This year, the LRW talk also served as the LRW instalment of The Bar’s peer tutoring programme.
  • Moratorium Information Session

    Moratorium Information Session
    With the introduction of a quorum requirement for this year's moratorium, The Bar's Professional & Academic Development Department held an information session for Year 2 students to clarify the voting process with students.
  • Closed-Door Dialogue Session with Education Minister Mr. Heng Swee Kiat

    The Bar President represented SMU at the closed door dialogue with Education Minister Mr. Heng Swee Kiat. At the session, he he led a team which presented a new vision for the role of universities and university student bodies in society: by being more active in representing the interests of the student population to stakeholders such as the government, beyond the boundaries of the university administration.
  • Moratorium 2014

    The Professional & Academic Development Department of The Bar facilitated the Moratorium 2014 voting exercise with NUS Law Club. 15.7% of SMU students voted for the moratorium while 66.5% of NUS students voted for the moratorium. With only 49.6% of the combined cohort voting for the moratorium, the moratorium failed.
  • Invitee tea session for prospective SMU Law students

    The SMU School of Law held its firts invitee tea session for prospective law students in 2014. Aimed at high-achieving students who are keen to enter law school, there were speeches given by professors, and students, with even a mock moot by our Jessup team. The Bar President gave a speech on what it means to be a law student, as well as what student life is like at SMU Law.
  • Distribution of Law School Cardigans

    Distribution of Law School Cardigans
  • End-Term Welfare Drive

    End-Term Welfare Drive
    The Bar organised a end-term welfare session in conjunction with Lawlympics 2014. With goodies like ice-cream, cookies and savory and sweet crepes for everyone, students were able to take some time off the books and join their friends in an afternoon with good food and drinks after some light exercise with good company. This “joint” event was also a farewell event for law school graduands from the remaining batches.
  • Inaugural Lawlympics

    Inaugural Lawlympics
    Organised by SMU Law Athletes, a subsidiary club of The Bar, Lawlympics was held in conjunction with The Bar’s end-term welfare drive. Students sweat it out in team sports such as Captain’s Ball and Basketball. An exhibition badminton match was also conducted with Professor Low Kee Yang playing against SMULA student athletes. It was an evening of fun, games, food and laughter for all students involved.
  • Week 14 Study Seminar Rooms

    In order to provide law students with more conducive study spaces in Week 14, The Bar liaised with professors and student associations from the School of Law and School of Accountancy to book seminar rooms in the shared building for law students' use.
  • Overhaul of The Bar's website

    First overhaul of The Bar's website is completed. Among the new features is a redesigned Pro-Acad Portal, which will be unveiled later in the year.
  • Project Diya V

    The Law OCSP team departs for Sikkim, India.
  • SAC Overseas Study Trip

    SAC Overseas Study Trip
    The President of the Bar visited the University of Melbourne, RMIT, and Monash University the to learn more about the structure and working processes of their student bodies. Ideas were also exchanged between the Bar President and the President of the Monash Law Students' Society and the President of the Melbourne University Law Students' Society.
  • Internal Affairs 2014

    Internal Affairs 2014
    In light of the summer internships, The Bar organised an internship talk to provide some insight in relation to internships. Recently-graduated alumni from various firms were invited to share their internship and training contract experience.
  • Meeting with PBSO

    Directors of The Bar and Exco members from SMULA held a meeting with the Events Company behind the Justcie for All project to discuss the execution of Just Run
  • SMU Law Outreach Club given control of SMU Legal Clinics

    SMU Law Outreach Club given control of SMU Legal Clinics
    The SMU Legal Clinics occur weekly and are aimed to provide easily accessible legal services to underprivileged members of society. In a monumental shift, a student led subsidiary club under The Bar, the Law Outreach Club, was given complete control of the running of the legal clinic by the SMU Pro Bono Centre.
  • New Sponsorship Agreement with Rajah & Tann

    New Sponsorship Agreement with Rajah & Tann
    An unprecedented sum of cash sponsorship was provided by Rajah & Tann for Bar initiatives.
  • Law Run Reccee

    Members from the Events Copany as well as representatives from PBSO came down to SMU to meet with members of The Bar and SMULA to reccee the venue for Just Run
  • Law Tea for Offerees

    The School of Law conducted its Special Admissions Event, where the President of The Bar, along with student volunteers, graduands and Professors, gave a speech and answered questions from invited students about life in law school and SMU.
  • Negotiation with President's Office for funding

    Negotiation with President's Office for funding
    Following requests by sub-clubs for greater funding, the Bar President initiated negotiations with the University's President's Office to reduce university-wide cutbacks for funding for student initiatives. The Bar President was part of the negotiation team which secured over $200,000 from the President's Office for student initiatives over the course of calendar year 2014.
  • Meeting with Lawyers

    Meeting with lawyers regarding new platform for law students to be engaged by lawyers for (paid) legal research in real cases. The initiative is currently being rolled out.
  • Hosting of Santa Clara University Students

    Hosting of Santa Clara University Students
    From 26 May to 13 June 2014, the SMU International Relations Club hosted twelve law students from the Santa Clara University who were here for summer school. Over the course of three weeks, the students participated in seminars conducted by law professors from NUS and SMU and legal practitioners. Some of the highlights of the programme included a guided tour of the Old Parliament by Professor Kevin Tan (NUS) and high tea at Raffles Hotel.
  • Meeting with Rajah & Tann

    Meeting with Rajah & Tann
    The President of The Bar started talks with Rajah & Tann to have a recruitment drive on campus to allow for law students vying for a Training Contract with Rajah & Tann to be able to attend walk-in interviews to secure Training Contracts.
  • Meeting with Rajah & Tann

    Meeting with Rajah & Tann
    The Professional & Academic Development Department of The Bar initiated talks with Rajah & Tann for a JD-centric event to allow JD students to have more interaction with the firm.
  • Howard Hunter Moots 2014

    Howard Hunter Moots 2014
    Sponsored by Rajah & Tann, this year's Howard Hunter moot problem was on IT Law; specifically, whether software is a good for the purposes of the Sale of Goods Act. Tan Junhong (Year 2) swept both the Best Oralist Prize and First Place in the Moot. Li Kun Hang (Year 3) emerged in second place, with Darren Chye (Year 2) and Wong Yan Yee (Year 1) in Third Place. Christian Teo (Year 4) and Angus Koh (Year 1) were awarded with the Special Mention Prizes.
  • Pre-assignment of Year 2 Law Courses

    A survey conducted by The Bar reflected the wishes for Year 2 law courses to be pre-assigned. The results of this survey were subsequently conveyed to the Dean's Office, after which, the Dean's Office decided to pre-assign the Year 2 law courses starting from AY2014/2015.
  • Pre-bidding Demand Survey

    The Professional & Academic Development Department of The Bar issued a pre-bidding demand survey for law core and elective modules to rising Year 3 and 4 students. Unfortunately, the minimum threshold response was not met, and the survey results were not released.
  • Confirmation of Priority Bidding for Year 4s and 5s

  • Launch of the Summer Events Calendar

    Launch of the Summer Events Calendar
    To keep law students aware of The Bar's summer events, the 7th Management Committee launched the Summer Events Calendar in conjunction with our Summer Updates.
  • Bidding Matters Information Sheet

    In response to several queries posed by rising Year 3s, The Bar compiled an information sheet with information about suggested course progression and the School of Law's offered modules.
  • Mid-Year Survey

    Mid-Year Survey
    To improve the quality of our initiatives, The Bar and its subsidiary clubs released the Mid-Year Survey 2014.
  • Law Camp 2014: Sub Rosa

    Law Camp 2014: Sub Rosa
    Organised for incoming freshmen of SMU Law, Sub Rosa was an opportunity to officially welcome the newest students of SMU Law.
  • Relaunch of the Golden Years Project

    Relaunch of the Golden Years Project
    The Golden Years Project 2014 is an NUS-SMU collaboration supported by the Law Society of Singapore. It is a community service project that seeks to raise awareness among the elderly of their legal rights via befriending the elderly and holding legal clinics. Ultimately, the GYP hopes to instill greater social initiative and kindness among our law schools, especially in light of the ageing population in Singapore.
  • Le Law Lelong: Summer Edition

    Le Law Lelong: Summer Edition
    The summer edition of Le Law Lelong
  • Law Grad Night 2014: Legally Bound

    Law Grad Night 2014: Legally Bound
    Held at Alkoff Mansion, Law Grad Night 2014 was an event organised in honour of our law graduands.
  • Rajah & Tann Law Beach Games

    Jointly organised by The Bar, SMU Law Athletes, and NUS Law Club, the Rajah & Tann Law Beach Games saw law students competing in 6 sports
  • Matriculation & Orientation Updates for Freshmen

    To facilitate the matriculation and orientation process, The Bar compiled a calendar and information sheet for incoming freshmen, with specific events and details highlighting all they would need to know before embarking on their law school journey.
  • Juris Doctor Orientation Programme

    Representatives from The Bar were present at the Juris Doctor orientation programme, hosting the new students on a campus tour and sharing their law school experiences.
  • JD Orientation Programme

    The JD Orientation Programme is organised by the SMU School of Law, with support from The Bar, for incoming JD students. The Bar provided student helpers to bring the JD students around the SMU campus, as well as to answer queries about SMU-related matters. The Bar President gave the JD students a briefing on BOSS Bidding, detailing the processes and explaining the relevant details to the incoming JD students.
  • Freshmen Academic Briefing

    At the Freshmen Academic Briefing, representatives from The Bar shared their student life experiences with the incoming students
  • Meeting with Associate Dean (Teaching & Curriculum)

    Meeting with Associate Dean (Teaching & Curriculum)
    At the meeting with Associator Professor Wan Wai Yee, representatives from The Bar discussed the new Financial Accounting for Law module that is set to be implemented in 2015.
  • Convocation 2014

    The President and Vice-President of The Bar took part in the Student Leaders' Procession at Convocation 2014, as part of a showcase of SMU's student leadership body.
  • Law Night 2014: Effervescent

    Law Night 2014: Effervescent
    Law Night is SMU Law School's annual gathering to celebrate school spirit and welcome our new freshies. 2014's Law Night: Effervescent is the first of its kind for it will be held at Wavehouse, Sentosa to a beach party theme
  • Criminal Justice Conference 2014

    Organised by the Criminal Law Club, a subsidiary club of The Bar, the Criminal Justice Conference is a dialogue between students and key stakeholders of the Singapore criminal justice system that aims to raise awareness on critical criminal justice issues. This year, the two topics of discussion are (1) Sexual offences involving minors; and (2) Cyber-harassment. The conference also featured a Q&A session with Minister Shanmugam, moderated by The Bar President.
  • Criminal Law Workshop

    Organised by the Criminal Law Club, a subsidiary club of The Bar, the Criminal Law Workshop is a yearly initiative organized by the SMU Criminal Law Club, where seniors provide freshmen with tips on preparing for seminars, reading cases effectively and making case briefs.
  • New Law School T-Shirt Design

  • Meeting with School of Law Office

    The Pro-Acad Department met with the School of Law Office to clarify the announced changes in structure of the Law of Evidence and Law of Civil Procedure modules from AY2015/16 onward.
  • Elections Information Session

    Students interested in joining the 8th Management Committee participated in an information session where the 7th MC shared with them more about our portfolios, the work that we do, and the elections process.
  • Launch of Revamped Internship Database

  • Coffee Talks 2014

    Organised by the Criminal Law Club, a subsidiary club of The Bar, Coffee Talks 2014 seeks to create an intimate and casual atmosphere where you can find out what it is like to act for aggrieved criminals, upholding their innocence and the other challenges criminal lawyers face. Attendees have an opportunity to network with criminal defence lawyers in small groups over tea (or coffee, for thatmatter) and a sumptuous buffet to find out more about the profession and career opportunities.
  • IRC Welcome Party for Incoming Exchange Students

  • Back-to-School Welfare Drive and Food Bazaar

    Back-to-School Welfare Drive and Food Bazaar
    In the second instalment of the Law School Food Bazaar, talented bakers/cooks showcased their culinary expertise by preparing food that would be distributed at The Bar's Back-to-School Welfare Drive.
  • Pre-order of Name Tents

    Following multiple requests for a sale of name-tents, the Marketing Department opened a pre-order sale for the school population, following the design of the freshmen name-tents
  • Rajah & Tann Dialogue Session 2014

    The Bar and Rajah & Tann LLP jointly organised the Rajah & Tann Dialogue Session 2014. This year’s instalment featured Rajah & Tann lawyers from both the corporate and dispute resolution practice groups who shared about their respective practice groups, work-life at Rajah & Tann in general as well as career and internship opportunities.
  • 8th MC - Internal Elections

    Following the General Elections results, the 7 successful candidates met to determine their respective positions in the 8th Management Committee. Since only 7 positions in the MC were filled at the end of the internal elections process, a co-opt was organised for the position of Marketind Director in the 8th MC.
  • Insights 2014

    The Bar and the Dato’ Kho Hui Meng Career Centre jointly organised Insights, a networking event catered exclusively for law students. The 2014 instalment featured partners and associates from various firms, who shared with students about their respective niche practice areas as well career opportunities at their respective firms.
  • Professors' Appreciation Day

    In conjunction with Teacher's Day, The Bar presented certificates of appreciation and gifts to professors who had been nominated by students for awards such as Prof. Caring, Prof. Witty, and Prof. Motivational.
  • Elections Fever 2014

    The elections for the 8th Management Committee started with the nomination period on 8 September 2014. 9 interested candidates submitted their nomination forms, and campaigned for votes from their fellow law students over the course of 2 weeks.
  • Training Contract Seminar 2014

    This year’s instalment of the TC Seminar featured speakers from various law firms, who shared about their respective firms and addressed students' training contract-related concerns. The session was chaired by Prof. Tang Hang Wu.
  • Student Appreciation Week

  • Launch of the Revamped Training Contract Database

  • 8th MC - General Elections Results

    Pursuant to The Bar's Constitution, each candidate had to meet a threshold requirement of 113 votes (20% of 565 current LLB students) in order to be successfully elected into office. Of the 9 candidates, 7 candidates met the threshold requirement of 113 votes. The 7 successful candidates subsequently determined their respective positions via internal elections.
  • Mid-Term Welfare Drive

  • Launch of Pro-Acad Survey

    To better cater to the professional and academic development needs of students, the Pro-Acad Department launched a feedback survey for all Pro-Acad initiatives organised by the 7th MC
  • Meeting with School of Law Office

    In response to the school's new policies regarding the bidding process and designation of modules, the President and Pro-Acad Director met with the School of Law office to clarify the effect of the new policies on students
  • Update on Changes to the Bidding System

    In light of the multiple changes to the bidding system, The Bar compiled a document for each batch of students, detailing the changes and its effect on students who were going on exchange or planning to do so
  • Pre-bidding Demand Survey

  • IRC Halloween Party

  • Meeting with School of Law Office

    Following the first round of bidding, The Bar met with the School of Law office to discuss the bidding restrictions on law modules, and proposed changes that allowed Year 3 students more flexibility in their choice of modules for the next semester.
  • End-Term Welfare Drive - Buffet

  • Lawlympics: The Second Coming

  • End-Term Welfare Drive - Welfare Pack Giveaway

  • Release of Alumni Update

    An alumni update was sent to the alumni by the School of Law office. The newsletter included a portion that contrained updates from The Bar.