CONGRESS PASSED A LAW THAT WHICH GAVE A SETTLER 160 ACRES OF FREE LAND,If they paid a willing fee and lived on the land for five had to be a married man, or not. a lady un married, or widow a to own the land
  • fettermans massacre

    fettermans massacre
    the native americans were attacking the american troops while they manned a fort. the naatives loured them into a trap of sending 80 soldiers to find out what was goin on. hunderds of indian warriors wiped out all 80 troops it was then known as fettermans massacre.

    T government had promised that n white person will get on that land. or pass even through, the hills were said to have gold in them.custer lead men to there and confirmed it and there was gold from the grass roots down
  • battle of little big horn

    battle of little big horn
    custer wanted a glory of leading a major victory. he divided his regiment up and attcked the native americans. on june 25 1876.
    he had seriously ubderestimated their strength.however .with approxamitely 250 soldiers, custer faced thea sioux nd cheyanee force of thousnads .
  • wounded knee

    wounded knee
    the dawes act changed fer ever,it weakened the way of life for the native americans. they turned to a prophet, wovoka, he said they could gain their former greatness by performing a ritual called the ghost dance..
  • ghost dance

    ghost dance
    it was a wayt for thee sioux indians culture was being destroyed. the dance spread and the reservation officials decided to ban the dance. beiieveing sitting bull was the leader they went to his camp and arrested him. during the arest they shot him.