Conflics of The Great Plans

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    Time line

  • The Housestead Act

    The Housestead Act
    160 acres were giving to the settlers as free land, they lived there for years. This policy brought farmers to the lands. It brought many settlers, many of which were imagrants trying to become citzins. Married womens could not own land, but single and widows could, like men. 12 percant of the land ownd was by a woman
  • Fetterman Massacre

    Fetterman Massacre
    Carzy Horse was the sioux military leader, he lead his troops in to a trape.He triked a cammander into sending his trops of 80 solders into a trape, the whole 80 soilders where wiped out.
  • Little Bighorn

    Little Bighorn
    The black Hills is were the conflict began. the black hills was like a gold mine, gold from the grass roats down.Custer lead his trops to the hills to confurm that there was gold, The hills were owned by Sitting Bull, a soux leader, he was offerd the oppertunity to sell his land. Sitting Bull refused, "i will not sell my land, not even this much."
  • Discovery of 1874

    The discovery of 1874 is the Black Hills. The Black Hills were hills that were full of gold.It was a protected area a
    for the indians. Then the americans discoverd gold and they traspased and tock the gold.
  • The Ghost Dance

    The Ghost Dance
    this dance was a way for the tribe to regain thier calture.The dance spread and officers decide to ban the dance. The cops arrested Sitting bull and decided to shot him
  • Wounded Knee

    Wounded Knee
    Wounded Knee was a creek all the sioux natives gatherd at after Sitting Bulls death. Its not know how it started, but a gun shot was fired and the war began.200 sioux and 25 soldiers were killed.