Conflict on the Great Plains

By hfxrowe
  • Homestead Act

    Homestead Act
    This act was passed by congress in 1862. It gave 160 free acres of land to a settler. But the settler had to pay a filing fee, and live there for 5 years in return. This new policy brought farmers to the plains. These farmers could then earn ownership of that land by settling on it, this is known as homestead.
  • Fetterman Massacre

    Fetterman Massacre
    This was the bloodiest incident that occcured. It happened at a fort on the bozeman trail. The Souix leader, Crazy Horse, acted like a decoy and tricked the soilders into a trap. This happened while the rest of his people were waiting to ambush the rest of the soliders. The souix won and wiped out all of the soliders.
  • Treaty of Fort Laramie

    Treaty of Fort Laramie
    This treaty was taken place in the Spring of 1868. It took place at Fort Laramine, which is now present day Wyoming. This treaty was made for the Souix and the whites. The treaty was to bring peace between those two groups. The Souix ended up agreeing to settle in th Black Hills, located in the Dakota Terrority. The Black Hills in the Dakota Terrority were sacred to the Souix Indian tribe.
  • Battle of Little Bighorn

    Battle of Little Bighorn
    Due to the soilders trespassing, the souix were mad.Then Sitting Bull and the Souix gathered with the Cheyenne warriors along the Little Bighorn River. This river is located in what we call Montana. When the American soilders tried to attack, it was 250 soliders vs. thousand. All of the soliders ended up losing thier lives that day.
  • Discovery of 1874

    Discovery of 1874
    The treaty of 1868 promised the land located in the Black Hills, which are in the Dakotas, to the Souix. But then it was dicovered that the hills had gold in them. In 1874, General Custer comfirmed that, and soon many people were trespassing. The Souix were mad and tried to protest against the trespassers. But the government who had once said that people were not able to even pass through the land was now trying to buy the land from them. The Souix refused to sell the land to them.
  • Ghost Dance

    Ghost Dance
    The Dawes Act weakend the native American traditions, changing their lives forever. Sad, they turned to the prophet Wovoka in 1890. Wovoka told them that trhry needed to regain thier greatness by performing the Ghost Dance. This dance was a way for the Souix to express what was happening to their culture. Soon this ritual spread and the soliders came to arrest the leader of it which was Sitting Bull. while trying to arrest him the was a scuffle and Sitting Bull was shot and killled.
  • Wounded Knee

    Wounded Knee
    After Sitting Bull was killed, many Souix were scared and fled to the creek know as Wounded Knee. Wounded Knees is located in southwestern South Dakota. The army went to Wounded Knee to collect the Souix's weapons. No one knows how the fight began, but ther was a gun shot, from a pistol, and then the army started shooting. Over 25 soliders and 200 Souix were killed. This ened the fight between the Native Americans and the whites.