Colonies Project Claudia Ayala Bell #6

By ayalac
  • Virginia

    Tobacco made state wealthy
  • Massachusetts

    Dissenters were forced to leave the state
  • Maryland

    Colonists were allowed to elect an assembly
  • Rhode Island

    Believed church and state should be kept apart
  • Connecticut

    Expanded voting rights to men outside the church
  • New York

    Welcomed dissenters who were banished from New England
  • New Jersey

    Freedom of religion
  • New Hampshire

    Set up towns similar to those in England from which they came
  • Pennsylvania

    Wealthy because of land and soil
  • North Carolina

    Learned how to cultivate rice from Africa
  • Delaware

    Founded by William Penn
  • South Carolina

    Populated by English colonists
  • Georgia

    Opposed tradition and slavery, believed in a free population.