PA History

By wolfie
  • The Begining

    The Begining
    Before Pa started the indians ruled this land before white men came over and forced them to move out
  • Period: to

    PA History

  • The first settlers

    The first settlers
    the first settlers were holland hires henry hudson to explore found hudson river
    the first settlment was jamestown, wa
  • First settlers on the east coast

    First settlers on the east coast
    Northern Colonies
    New Netherlands (Dutch)
    New England (England)
    Canada/New France
    Middle Colonies
    Virginia (England)
    Southern Colonies
    New Spain
    Spanish Florida
  • dutch explores

    dutch explores
    Hudson-Delaware Bay. Ship is “Half Moon”
    Looking for N.W. passage to Asia
    Sails up the Delaware R. and discovers the Schuylkill R. on his return
    Dutch West India Co. Formed
    set up in New Jersey and Delaware
    Dutch Est. Fort Beversrede-modern day Philly
    Wanted trade not settlement
    Dutch accomplished
    Trading posts
    Trading routes
    Trade w/natives
    Explored new areas
  • sweden

    bought manhatten for 24 dollors of trinkets off the indians