Colonies Project Alexandra Hart Bell #1

  • Jamestown, Virginia

    Was founded by The London Company
  • Plymouth

    Later joined the Massachusetts Colony
  • Massachusetts

    The Puritan work ethic contributed to the colony's rapid growth and success.
  • Connecticut

    Founded the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, which was said to be the first constitution.
  • Maryland

    Founded by Lord Baltimore
  • Rhode Island

    Founded the First Baptist Church of America
  • New Hampshire

    Founded by John Wheelwright
  • New York

    Overthrew New Netherlands and was founded by The Duke of York
  • New Jersey

    Founded by Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkeley
  • South Carolina

    Colonists were unhappy over little protection and became separate royal colonies.
  • Pennsylvania

    Founded by William Penn, and established Frame of Government.
  • North Carolina

    Ruled by governors appointed by the king.
  • Delaware

    Was founded by William Penn.
  • Georgia

    Founded by James Oglethorpe, then later overthrown and appointed a Royal Colony.