Colonies Project Ryan Frawley Bell #1

  • Jamestown, Virginia.

    The first permenent English settlement in North America and was fouded by the London Company
  • Plymouth, Massuchusetts

    Founded by William Bradford and later joined Massuchusetts.
  • Connecticut

    Fundemental orders of Conecticut
  • Maryland

    Founded by Lord Baltimore who was a proprietor
  • Rhode Island

    Founded by Rodger Williams and believed church and state should be seperate
  • New Jersey

    founded by Sir Goerge and the church was not supported by tax
  • New york

    Founded by Duke of York and had great ethnic and religious deversity
  • South Carolina

    Had lots of slave labour and over threw propretior
  • New Hampshire

    Founded by John Wheelright and had a representitive self government
  • Pennysilvania

    Founded by William Penn and Quakers were allowed to practice their religion whithout persicuton
  • North Carolina

    Had slaves for to work on rice plantations
  • Delaware

    Founded by William Penn and had shipping, comerce and farming
  • Georgia

    Founded by James Oglethorpe and had strict laws against slavery until the king took over and slaves were used