Social Studies Timeline #1 (:

  • Jamestown, Virginia was founded

    Jamestown was the first English settlement of North America.
  • Seperatists leave England, and Plymouth gets founded.

    Plymouth later joins Massachussets.
  • Connecticut gets settled in.

    Created the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, which is known as the first constitution of America.
  • Maryland gets settled.

    They grew tobacco, used slves and used the Act of Tolerance.
  • Rhode Island gets settled.

    Founded by Roger Williams
  • Puritans from Massachussetts move into New Hampshire.

    The Puritans were looking to "purify" the ways of the English Church because they believed it was too much like the regular churches.
  • New Netherland was seized and renamed "NewYork."

    New York turned into a place of religious diversity, and fertile land.
  • New Jersey is dounded.

    they had a representative assembly.
  • Settlers from Barbados arrived in what would later be South Carolina.

    The Carolinas split in two because the people felt they needed more military defense against the Indians, so they split in two.
  • Pennsylvania was founded.

    Believed in hard work and thrift; Turned out to be one of the wealthiest colonies. Founded by William Penn.
  • North Carolina gets established.

    North Carolina gets ruled by governers.
    See South Carolina.
  • Deleware granted its own assembly.

    Had shippind, farming and was founded in 1701.
  • Georgia is settled.

    Was once one of the strictest colonies, which didn't allow slaves and plantations, had religious diversity. Very strict.
    Later, turned into a place of slaves, plantations and less strict rules.