Lauren Vanatsky 13 Original Colonies

  • Jamestown

    Jamestown was the first English colony in North America; it was founded by the London Company.
  • Massachusetts

    Many groups of dissenters were speaking out against the king and the church of England, therefore they wanted to move to freedom.
  • Connecticut

    Thomas Hooker moved his congregation to the Connecticut Valley where they then made the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.
  • Maryland

    Founded by lord Baltimore.
  • Rhode Island

    The founders of this colony believed church and state should be kept apart.
  • New Hampshire

    They set up towns similar to those in England from which they came.
  • New Jesery

    They had religious freedom
  • New York

    Founded by the Duke of York.
  • South Carolina

    Ruled by governors appointed by the King.
  • Pennsylvania

    Founded by William Penn.
  • North Carolina

    Rice was grown and produced on plantations by slaves.
  • Delaware

    Founded by William Penn.
  • Georigia

    Founded by James Oglethorpe.