• Great Plains

    Native Ameriam live on reservations
    Great Plains
  • Government Restricts Native Americans

    Land set aside for native american tribes government changed its policy and created treatie that defined specific boundaries for each tribe.
  • Massacre at Sand Creek

    Novmeber 29 150 Native Americans killed mostloy Women and Childron.
  • Death on the Bozeman Trall Feterman massacre

    Crazy Horse ambushed Captoin j. Fetterman and company at Lodge Trail Ridge. Over 80 soldiers were killed.
  • Treaty of Fort Laramie Close the Bozman trail

    Sioux agreed to live on a reservation along the Missouri River. The Trealy of Fort Laramie provided only a temporary halt to warfare.
  • Gold Rush Custer

    Miners find gold in Black Hills.
  • Red River War

    General Philip Sheridan a Union Army veteran gave orders to desttry their villages and ponies to kill and hang all warriors and to bring back all women and children.
  • Custer's Last Stand

    Crazy Horse, Gall and Sitting Bull outflanked and crushed Custer's troops. 7th Calvary destroyed
  • The Dawes Act

    Americanize the Native Americans broke up reservations gave land to individuals.
  • The Battle Wounded Knee

    December 28 1890 about 300 starving and freezing Native Americans were killed mostly unarmed many were Children and women.