This Italian Girl

  • And so our family begins

    And so our family begins
    Today my parents were married.
  • My sister was born

    My sister was born
    She was named Stephanie.
  • Hello World

    Hello World
    I was born. (They named me Lisa.) Now, our family is complete!
  • Ouch!

    I broke my foot. My sister's television fell on it.
  • This is becoming a habbit...

    This is becoming a habbit...
    First day of school (4th grade) I was playing on the monkey bars at a neighbor's house. Lo-and-behold, I fell off, and broke my foot again. Yes, it was the same one.
  • Disney World!

    Disney World!
    Our family vacation landed us in Disney World
  • Dislocated!

    I dislocated my shoulder for the first time. The first time I was cheering, the next two times were due to Racquetball. (That is an awesome sport!)
  • Location, Location, Location

    Location, Location, Location
    The title, if you remember, used to be Disney's slogan. This year we took a mini vacation, just me and the parentals, to Disney again.
  • First Job

    First Job
    Started my first job (hostessing) at Two Dollar Bills, Kinfolk Catfish Restaurant.
  • Restaurant closed

    Due to lack of business, or really not enough to cover the overhead, the restaurant had closed.
  • Graduation

    My best friends from high school. Trae and Me, (front row, from left to right). Greg and Josh (back row, from left to right)
  • Started working at the dentist office

    Started working at the dentist office
    Dr. Friedlander's Website
    <br />Dr. Joan R. Friedlander, D.M.D
    615 Shady Oak Dr.
    Mobile, AL 36608
  • First Senior Bowl

    First Senior Bowl
    This was my first Senior Bowl experience. It was very cold!
  • First Mardi Gras

    First Mardi Gras
    I had brought a friend to her first mardi gras. Her eyes gleemed like a child's eyes on Christmas morning
  • Shoulder Surgery

    I had shoulder surgery to correrct my frequent dislocations. They inserted 3 anchors and repaired a torn ligament.
  • Bienvenido a Mexico!

    Bienvenido a Mexico!
    Another family vacation: We took a cruise to Cozumel and Calica. Had a wonderful time.