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1950's-Today:Transport and Communication (Computers)

  • 1950's Transport

    1950's Transport
    Transport in the 1950s was crucial to post-war reconstruction efforts. The baby boom and immigration influx had prompted a rapid expansion of Australian towns and cities and trains and automobiles were needed to transport people and building supplies to the new suburbs. Road trains, which are large trucks consisting of many trailers, were used to service areas lacking in rail transport.
  • 1950's Air Travel

    1950's Air Travel
    Air travel was not a common form of transport in the early 1950s. Aircraft were powered by propellers and their cabins were un-pressurised. As a result, plane trips were bumpy and noisy and aircraft could not fly at very high altitudes. Aeroplane trips were also long, with frequent stops to refuel. In the late 1950s, however, Qantas purchased a new Boeing 707 jet-powered aircraft that could fly faster and carry more passengers. The new Boeing jets could also reach higher altitudes and fly above
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  • UNIVAC Computer

    First Commercial Computer
  • IBM 701 EDPM Computer

    IBM 701 EDPM Computer
    International Buisness Machines
  • FJ Holden

    FJ Holden
    The first motor car was in 1948, this was the second. It's cost was £1,074 - the equivalent of 68 times the average weekly wage. Motor cars still had a long way to go.
  • Motor Car's in the 1960's

    Motor Car's in the 1960's
    By the 1960s, the car had become an essential part of everyday life for many Australians. In 1963, around 35 percent of Australians owned a car.
    The motor car also changed the Australian way of life. Australians could now travel wherever they wanted, whenever they liked. People drove to the beach, to sporting fields and shops and could maintain friendships with people in far-away suburbs. The car also became a symbol of affluence for many families.
  • 1960's Air Travel

    1960's Air Travel
    By the 1960s, propeller-driven aircraft were less common in Australia, as jet aircraft dominated the skies. International and domestic air travel became cheaper and more comfortable and hours were continually being shaved off travel times.
    In the 1960s, more and more Australians began to travel internationally, particularly to America, Europe and Britain. This greater movement of people between Australia and the rest of the world had a significant impact on Australian cultural life. For the fir
  • Space War Computer Game

    Space War Computer Game
    First Computer Game

    First original internet was created, it started a form of communication which is most comminly used today.
  • Scelbi & Mark-8 Altair & IBM 5100 Computers

    First Consumer Computer, computers are starting to be used by more average everyday families.
  • WordStar Software

    WordStar Software
    The first word processor. The start of people using computers to write up reports and documents.
  • Apple Lisa Computer

    First home computer with a GUI interface. This starts to make computers more user friendly for everyone.
  • Microsoft Windows

    Microsoft Windows
    And so the war starts with Apple...