Technology in Education

By soooma
  • first school museum

    first school museum is in St. Louis.
  • Visual Education

    A teacher's guide to magic lantern slides and stereographs
  • First instructional film used in Classroom

  • first instructional film used in classroom

  • Professional organizations started to appear

  • Audiovisual Instruction Movement

  • Radio became the medium that would change education for better

  • Audiovisuals were used for training purposes

    Audiovisuals were used in the military services and industry for training purposes
  • First computer used for instruction

    First computer used for instruction
  • first computer used with school children

    first computer used with school children
  • University time-sharing systems

    University time-sharing systems
    Faculty/ students in universities across the country use mainframe systems for programing and shared utilities
  • Computer-assisted instruction movement emerges

    Large-scale, federally funded university projects use mainframe/minicomputer systems with schools
  • Mainframe and minicomputer applications dominate field

    Schools begin using computers for instruction and administration
  • CAI movement declines; Computer literacy movement begins

  • First microcomputers enter schools

  • Microcomputer applications spawn movements

    field focuses on software publishing initiatives and teacher authoring software.
  • integrated learning system emerge

    Schools begin to see ILS networked systems as cost-effective solutions for instruction
  • World Wide Web ( WWW) is born

    First browser (Masaic) transforms a formerly text-based internet into a combination of text and graphics. Teachers enter the "Information Superhighway
  • International society for technology in Education creates standards

  • Internet Use explodes

    Online and distance learning increases in higher education, then in K-12 schools
  • International society for technology in Education (ISTE)

    issues new, updated standards for teachers, students and administrators
  • Asmaa is doing technology timeline

    Asmaa Al Shehhi is doing her assignment using technology for the course of technology integration in classroom