Computer Technology in Education Timeline

By aubre
  • Radio Invented

  • TV Inevented

  • Color TV invented

  • First Computer used for instruction

  • Period: to

    Color TV gains popularity

  • First Computer used with school children

  • Period: to

    University time-sharing systems

  • Computer-assisted instruction emerges

  • Cell Phones invented

  • Period: to

    Mainframe and minicomputer applications dominate field

  • First mircocomputers enter schools

  • Period: to

    CAI movement declines, computer literacy movement begins

  • Period: to

    Microcomputer applications spawn movments

  • Period: to

    Integrated learning systems emerge

  • First Smart phone (Simon) invented

  • World Wide Web is born

  • Google launched

  • TI-83 launched

  • International Society for Technology in Education creates standards

  • Period: to

    Internet use explodes

  • Facebook Launched

  • Period: to

    International Society for Technology in Education

  • Teachertube launched