Technology Through the Ages

  • Telephone invented

    Telephone invented
    The telephone was invented in March of 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. The invention was patented on January 30, 1877 by Bell. The telephone, though not used as part of a teaching practice, is acrucial element of a classroom. If a student is injured we are able to call for help. If we need to be in contact with parents we have a telephone in our room to use.
  • Overhead Projector

    Overhead Projector
    The US military developed a device similar to the projector that involved using the slide projectors to put images on a screen. It became popular in classrooms in the 1980’s. Overhead projectors are still used today and are a great way for teachers to show children samples or writings, images, and can be used for math as well.
  • Television

    Scientists and developers at Radio Corporation of America (RCA) developed the Image Orthocon Tube, which finally made broadcast-quality TV cameras possible. The TV is valuable in the classroom because there are many television programs that have information that cannot be found elsewhere. Students can also watch plays after they have read them.
  • Computer

    The first computer was called the UNIVAC I. It was one of the first computers that used magnetic tapes to input and output information. The computer is a vital piece of technology in and out of the classroom. Students use is for research as well as creating. Teachers use to computer too to create lessons and show students information.
  • Calculator

    The first digital calculators were created in the 60s. Calculators are a great tool for anyone of any age. It is important we teach students how to use a calculator but not depend on it. Once they have the math down, it's a great tool to use to speed things up.
  • The Internet

    The start of the internet began in the late 1960's but it wasn't until the 1990's it became popular for commecial use such as e-mail. The internet is an important tool in education because anything we, or our students want to learn about is at our fingertips. Teachers also have access to thousands of free lesson plans.
  • Digital Camera

    Digital Camera
    Steven Sasson of the Eastman Kodak Company invented the first digital camera. Digital cameras a great piece of technology in and out of the classroom. Students can use digital cameras for projects on just about anything. Teachers can use digital cameras to take pictures of students, things around the classroom to relate to shapes, and so much more.
  • Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Word
    The first version of Microsoft Word was invented in 1983, then called “Multi-Tool Word." Word is one of the most important parts of teaching today. Students use it to type up assignments and teachers use it for anything from creating lesson plans to sending home news letters.
  • Smart Board

    Smart Board
    The first SMART Board was introduced in 1991. As of January 2010, SMART Board interactive whiteboards lead the interactive whiteboard category. The SMART Board is an exceptional tool used in many classrooms. It connects the students to the teacher to the subject at hand and gets students excited about learning.