French and Indian War

  • Aug 3, 1492

    Columbus "discovers" America

    Columbus led his three ships the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria out of the Spanish port of Palos.
  • Jamestown Colony created

    Jamestown was founded in the Colony of Virginia.The Jamestown Colony was the first successful English settlement in North America.
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony created

    a group of Pilgrims established Plymouth Colony.
  • Plymouth Colony created

    There was great exspansion in the Plymoth Colony. Seven new towns were made and the colony has great success supplying newcomers in Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay with livestock and other goods.
  • New Amsterdam becomes New York

    The Dutch Republic regained with a fleet of 21 ships, renaming the city "New Orange".
  • William Penn creates Pennsylvania

    In 1682, James Duke of York handed over a large piece of his American ground to William Penn
  • George Washington assaults Fort Duquesne

    The French drove the Virginians away.
  • Albany Congress meets

    Representatives from seven colonies met with 150 Iroquois Chiefs in Albany, New York
  • The French & Indian War concludes

    The French and Indian War spreads to Europe as the Seven Years War.