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History of Technology in Classrooms

  • First Over Head Projectors in Classrooms

    First Over Head Projectors in Classrooms
    First Over Head Projectors The over head projector allowed teachers to teach on a transperency that matched a worksheet or paper that students already had.
  • Period: to

    Education over the last 60 years

  • First Television in School

    First Television in School
    First Classroom T.V.

    Televisions in classrooms allowed teachers to show their class informational footage or videos pertaining to the topic.
  • First Pocket Held Calculator

    First Pocket Held Calculator
    Hand Held Calculatorcalculator Pocket calculators were an essential in classrooms to help students and teachers when doing mathematics to solve problems quicker.
  • First Computers in Schools

    First Computers in Schools
    First Computer in Schools
    Computers in schools allows for another resource and also helps students to learn more about technology.
  • First Spell Check Introduced

    First Spell Check Introduced
    First Spell Check Program Spell Check was a great program that helped students have perfect spelling papers and saved teachers the headache of having to go through papers looking for spelling errors,
  • First Laptop Computers Commercialized

    First Laptop Computers Commercialized
    Video of First Laptop Laptops were a way for students to have a small accesible computer to do school work on.
  • The IBM Personal Typewriter

    The IBM Personal Typewriter
    First Student TypewriterThe first compact model for students and home use is sold. Personal Typewriters had more features for students to write papers correctly with a perfect layout and alignment. It was a neater way to write a paper than hand writing it.
  • History of the SMARTboard

    History of the SMARTboard
    SMART The SMART Board allowed magic into the classroom and hands on use of technology for all students.
  • The World Wide Web

    The World Wide Web
    World Wide Web The world wide web which is part of the Internet was made public. This has become the number one tool for students to do research.
  • Word Processing

    Word Processing
    Word alllows teacher and students to type up documents rather than doing everything written by hand.