manifest destiny

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    manifest destiny

  • battle of alamo

    battle of alamo
    bettle of alamo (febuary 23,1836) was a pivotal event in the texas revolution. following a 13-day segie, mexican troops under prsident general antonio lopez de santa anna lunch.
  • trail of tears

    trail of tears
    in 1838 the cherokee were stipped of sitpped of their right and froced to move against their will on the trall of tears by the governement of georgia and united stayes cherokkee remove forts map of the trall of tears trall of tears route map chrokee statics according to john ross
  • manifest destiny

    manifest destiny
    manifest destiny was the 19th century american belief that the united states was desntied to expand arcoss the north american contient from the atantic seboard to the pacfific ocean
  • wilmot proviso

    wilmot proviso
    the wilmot proviso,one of the major events leding to the civil war, would have baned slavery in any territory to be acquired from mexican war or in the future, including the area.
  • gadsden purchase

    gadsden purchase
    a settlement was made bteween the two contries known as the gasden purchase but diplomatic tension followed. in 1853 the untied states negoited with mexiceto revolve the bondary disputed which resutled at the temination of the mexcain war and to purchase the land in question.
  • abaham lincoln

     abaham lincoln
    adraham lincoln was oresident of united states from 1861 until his shoking assassintion in 1855. the colorful stories about licoln
    s life really are true he was bron in la long cabin and grew up on
  • anderw johnson

    anderw johnson
    anderw johnson became the 17th president of the untied states after 1865 assassintion of abraham lincoln johnson was unlikey man for the job he had been a poor talior in tennesssee befor he
  • ku klux klan

    ku klux klan
    often abbreviated kkk and infor mally known as the the klan, is the name of three distnct past and present right-wing orgrations in the united states, which have advocated extremis.