Technology and Education

  • Hand-held calculator

    Hand-held calculator
    In 1967 Texas instruments developed the first hand-held calculator. I think that this calculator benefit the student better than the teacher because students were able to use this calculator to check their math homework and it was easy to carry around.
  • Floppy Disk

    Floppy Disk
    The floppy disk came out in 1970. This disk benefit both the teacher and the student because it was used to save data. Such as homework for the student or an assignment for the teacher.
  • Cellphones

    Cellphones were first introduced in 1973, which made many things easier. Cellphones have not really benefit students in any way, but I think that if we thought of a way that it could benefit a student it would. Teachers can ask students to use thier cellphones in many ways and it could be used as part of education.
  • personal computers

    personal computers
    personal computers were first introduced in 1981, this benefit the teachers and students because it made everything easier. Students were able to use a computer at home and finish up some homework there. Teachers were also able to take home some of their work and finish it up at their house instead of having to stay at schoo.
  • WikiWeb

    Wiki Webs were introduced in 1995. This benefit the teachers and students because teachers are allow to post information about a certain topic and students get to benefit by reading it and adding any suggestions that they may have.
  • Smart board

    Smart board
    The smart board was created in 1991, but didn't come effective in a classroom until 1998. The smart board replaced the chalk board and the regular board. This benefit both the teacher and the students. Teachers agree that its less messy and the students said its not smelly at all.
  • USB Flash Drive

    USB  Flash Drive
    The usb flash drive came out in 1998 and it made saving easier. The usb flash drive took over the floppy disk, it was smaller and easier to use. This benefit both the teacher and the student because students were ablel to save their work better and it was a lot easier to carry around.
  • ipod

    Ipods were first realeased in 2001. Ipods for many aren't considered as part of a learning for students, but from my point of view I think that ipods should be a part of a kid's learning. Ipods can take over a radio in a classroom. Letting kids use their ipods while studying can benefit them by remembering a certain thing better.
  • YouTube

    YouTube was introduced in 2005. Youtube benefits both, the teacher and the student. Teachers are allowed to give students homework assignment such as watching a video and having the students watch it through youtube. It also benefits the student because for many classes they have to see a certain video and they can just look it up through youtube.