Early Explorers information

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  • Aug 31, 1500

    The Dutch explorers

    The Dutch explorers
    In the late 1500s the Dutch were buying spices and sugar, which were very rare and valuable at the time, from indonesia.they wanted to find new countries and peoples to trade with.Almost 40 years later, in 1642 , another Dutchman , Abel Tasman , comended a voyage to Australia, he was sent with two ships to find a map Australia, wich the Dutch called New Holland. Bad weather and strong winds forced him across the Indian ocean to the , south , and he sighted what we now called tasmania.
  • Able Tasman

    Able Tasman
    Anthony van Dimen was an ambitious man. In 1636 he become govornor general of the dutch east indies [now Indonesia]. he wanted to find out more about the Great South land. was it a land rich in jewles, spices silk and mines filled with precious metals? was it, as some people believed connected to the great, ice-covered continent of Antarctica?
  • Captain James Cook

    Captain James Cook
    At thirteen James Cook had been a shop keeper's assistant, but, preferring the sea, he had become an apprentice in a coal vessel. After man years of the rough life in this trade, during which he contrived to carry on his education in mathematics and navigation, he entered the Royal Navy and by diligence rose to the rank of master.
  • discovery of gold part 3

    discovery of gold part 3
    The discovery precipitated a great rush to the area which in turn resulted in the rapid growth of the new town of Ballarat. By the end of September, nearly a 1000 miners were digging for gold on the Ballarat field - By 1853, there were more than 20,000 miners of many nationalities working on the field.
    In that same year, 10,000,000 grams of gold were transported under police escort to the Melbourne Treasury. Probably as much again was never recorded but sold secretly and illegally.
  • discovory of gold

    discovory of gold
    The year 1851 was in many ways an eventful one to Australia. In that year the colonies received from the Imperial Parliament the amended constitutionsthey had so long expected. Tasmania, South Australia, Port Phillip and Western Australia were now no longer under the absolute control of Governors sent out by the colony authorities in England ; they could, henceforth, boast the dignity of being self governed communities, for in 1851, they were given political powers.
  • discovery of gold part 2

    discovery of gold part 2
    In 1837, under pressure of a bad drought, Thomas Learmonth and a group of squatters explored the area to the north of their settlement near Geelong in search of better watered regions. On this journey they reached and climbed Mt. Bonan Yowing (now Buninyong) and were thus the first to see the Ballarat area. In March 1838, two squatters, Yuille and Anderson, settled with their flocks on the banks of an area known as Black Swamp, now Lake Wendouree.