Unit 1: French + Indian War

  • Oct 12, 1492

    •Columbus "discovers" America

    Colombus landed on the island San Salvador on this day. He later told Europeans about this territory, and they began to colonize in North and South America.
  • Jamestown Colony is Established

    The Virginia Company landed on Jamestown and Established it.
  • Plymouth Colony Created

    The day that Plymouth Colony was created is not specified but the year was 1620 and the month December.
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony is Establsihed

    The Massachusetts Bay is Established by the flagship of The Massachusetts Bay Company arrived in Salem.
  • William Penn Creates Pennsylvania

    William Penn finds Pennsylvania and creates Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania thrived after created.
  • Albany Congress Meets

    The Congress met and adjusted the Albany Plan. Then later the Plan was disaproved.
  • George Washington assaults Fort Duquesne

    At age twenty three George Washington led the soldiers to Fort Duquense.
  • The French & Indian War concludes

    In 1760 the French and Indian War concludes.
  • New Amsterdam becomes New York

    Before New York became New York it was called New Amsterdam.