The history of cricket in Greece (Source: AHCF, SBS World Guide)

  • Corfu becomes part of British Empire

    Corfu becomes part of British Empire
    By the Treaty of Paris, the Ionian islands, including Corfu, become part of the British Empire. Corfu is the seat of the Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands.
  • First recorded cricket game in Greece

    First recorded cricket game in Greece
    The first recorded game of cricket is played on Corfu, Greece, between the British Garrison and the Royal Navy.
  • Corfu becomes part of Greece

    Corfu becomes part of Greece
    The Treaty of London, between Greece, France and Russia, unites the Ionian islands with Greece. By this time, there are two cricket clubs on Corfu - the Gonakis Company and the Camvissis Club.
  • Gymnastikos Club created

    Gymnastikos Club created
    In 1893 the two clubs merged to form one of the oldest sporting clubs in Greece - the Gymnastikos Club. The club used to play against visiting sailors from the British Royal Navy.
  • Prince of Wales visit

    Prince of Wales visit
    During the 1932 cricket season, a total of 45 ships were present, including the battleship Queen Elizabeth. the Prince of Wales was on board.
  • Greel team's first overseas tour

    Greel team's first overseas tour
    In 1966, British Airways began flying London-Corfu direct. The airline paid for the Greek team to visit the UK, marking the first overseas tour.
  • Period: to

    Growth of local clubs

    In the 1970s, cricket was enrolled in the Greek Federation for Amateur Sport (SEGAS), marking significant structural changes to the game. Under 14 and under 18 sides teams were encouraged, fostering the growth of the game among young Greeks.
  • Corfu Cricket Festival launch

    Corfu Cricket Festival launch
    The Hellenic Cricket Foundation (HCF) met at Lord's in London to launch the Corfu Cricket Festival. The inaugulal festival will take place on the island between May and September 2010.