1:1 Computer Journey

By youngsv
  • 2006

    Shift from multiple grades in school to SC II
    Strange, not having other students to be role models.
  • 2007

    Limited Access to technology.
    - 8 Projectors
    - Sign up for computer lap, extremely busy
    - Switching from an analog world to a digital world
  • 2008

    Everyone has a projector in their room.
    World Cultures goes from 15 to 30 computers for a class.
    1:1 Meetings begin
    The Birth of Moodle in our classrooms.
    Davies/South is visible in our classrooms.
    Continued opportunities to do summer curriculum writing. (Working on the Work!)
    PLCs begin in our school.
  • 2009

    Health gets computers in the classroom. No more signing up for labs!
    More flexibility in teaching because we have more computers in the school.
    Agree to pilot new grading system.
    World Cultures classes get Phat Batteries! A little thing that makes a huge difference in class. No more mad scrambles for ccrds.
    Project based ed is more accepted as a legit imate alternative.