1:1 Through the Years

By bednark
  • Period: to

    Guides on the side, leaders and inventors

    We are pushing ourselves and our students towards transformational learning through proper activity choices and students' authentic engagement
  • Beginning of Pilot

    Beginning of Pilot
    Teachers nervous, overwhelmed and excited.
  • Period: to

    Changes Through The Years

  • Moodle Launch

    Moodle Launch
    This common tool really transformed how we communicated electronically with students.
  • SMART goals developed

    SMART goals developed
    We are able to formulate specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals.
  • Observation from Community Leaders

    Observation from Community Leaders
    Several members from the District Office, administrators, and colleagues came to observe and give us feedback.
  • Portfolios

    Students completed portfolio by uploading artifacts.
  • 100% authentic engaged students

    100% authentic engaged students