Burke and Wills

By jeffste
  • An Explorer Was Born

    An Explorer Was Born
    On the 5th of January 1834 William John Wills was born at Totnes, Devon, Engaland, butr as a child grew up in Ipplepen. As a young child over the years devaloped a strong fever which had dangerous side effects such as Slow and Hessatating speech.
  • Education

    Earlier this year although despite struggerling from Eye difficulties he managed to sustain a managable education by getting tutored by his father. He was tutored from as early as he could speak to the age of 11.
  • A proper Education

    A proper Education
    From the age of 11 his father decided it was time to get a proper education from legal teachers. He attended a school named St Andrews Grammar School, Ashburton. After five years of education and graduating as a sucsessfull student he then got offered a surgical practise. He was then known as Dr Wills.
  • Chemestry

    In 1852 William studied practical chemestry under Dr John Stenhouse at St Bartholomews Hospital in London.
  • Money Money Money

    In those days money was everything and somthing that the Wills family had a lot of. William Then bought a share in Melbourne Gold Money Company. After many attempts to leave old Engaland his Mother Sarah refused of her husband to go Down Under to Australia.
  • Down Under

    Down Under
    Finally when he was eighteen his mother Sarah aggreed to let the three boys travel to Australia. They were acompanied by 197 other unassigned passengers onboard the Janet Mitchell.
  • Arriving

    After Months of travelling over high seas and wild weather survived the horrible trip they finnally made it to the city of Melbourne. The two of the boys Thomas and William settled down in an Immagants home in South of Melbourne.
  • Father Joins his sons

    Father Joins his sons
    A few Months later Dr Wills followed his sons out to Australia, arriving in August 1853, and the three returned to Melbourne before moving to Ballarat where William took up work as a digger on the goldfields.
  • Moved again

    Moved again
    In 1858 William Wills lodged in with Mrs E Henderson at One Dorcas Street, South Melbourne.
  • Burke and WIlls Expedition

    Burke and WIlls Expedition
    William Strutt and Robert O'Hara had a plan to cross from the South Of Australia ( Melbourne) to the North of AUstralia Gulf Of Carpentaria. From Melbourne to Gulf Of Carpentaria it is a total of about 3,250km. At the time most of the inland australia had only been discovered by indiginous people of australia and had not been known to europen settlers.
  • Burke and Wills Succsesfull, non sucseeful journey.

    Burke and Wills Succsesfull, non sucseeful journey.
    Burke and Wills had many ups and downs but over all the trip from South ( melbourne) to the North ( Gulf of Carpentari) but on the return to melbourne seven men died including William Wills who died at a place called Breerily Waterhole on Cooper Creek in South Australia. Shortly after his death Rober O'Hara Burke died as well. With only one member of the expedtion still alive ( John King) with the help of the aboriganals finally succeeded the return to Melbourne.
  • Deaths

    After the tragic deaths of William Wills and