Technology Integration Roadmap

  • Period: to

    Integration of Technology

  • Leadership and Service

    Leadership and Service
    These students have already worked on a summer assignment that requires technology. They have been asked to write an analytical paper, create a product for a presentation, create a handout for small-group discussion, use a wiki, and email. During the first two weeks of the course, I (along with my teaching partner) will introduce the use of technology tools for creation and the Web 2.0 tools throughout instruction to set up for success throughout the school year.
  • Algebra 2.0 and Geometry: Intro to Web 2.0

    Algebra 2.0 and Geometry: Intro to Web 2.0
    The initial lessons of Algebra 2 & Geo will integrate elements of the Web. I will orient them to my wikispaces page, my LiveBinders page, my YouTube and TeacherTube account videos,,, and I will take this time to show them that the majority of their learning will stem from themselves...and they will be the ones to determine when they are ready to take summative assessments and move on. The overarching goal is to integrate a "self-paced" math course.
  • NASA Problem Set

    NASA Problem Set
    I am teaching three sections of Algebra 2. At least one will be used as a "test class" for integrating NASA-based problems into the curriculum as the backdrop for lessons
  • Mobile Geo

    Mobile Geo
    I will choose one of my two geometry classes to be a mobile learning one. Although I must adhere to policies, I will use mobile learning to facilitate teaching and leanring anytime-anywhere, learning outside of the classroom, and also student-centric and self-paced learning in (and out) of the classroom. Mobl21 with the desktop widget and with the help of a grant for a class set of iPod Touches will be the medium for delivery and constructing/creating knowledge.
  • Using Technology to Create a Product

    Using Technology to Create a Product
    For Algebra 2 and Geometry, this will be the time-frame when we will explore technology tools for creating products: Microsoft Office tools (Word, PPT, Excel, Publisher), MovieMaker, glogster, toondoo, animoto, etc.
  • At least familiar

    At least familiar
    My goal is to have all of my students oriented and familiar, if not comfortable, with the technology tools we will use throughout the year. If this is attainable, I believe I will be able to differentiate and bring learning to life for these students like never before!
  • Those Pesky Tests

    Those Pesky Tests
    I intend to use the technology throughout the year to spiral the material and allow the learning to build upon itself, using the tools explored in September/October to prepare the students for the state tests.
  • Let them do the work for me

    Let them do the work for me
    My students will use the tools they have sharpened throughout the year to create tutorials for future students :)