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Penal System in Australia

By ggerard
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    Penal System in Australia

    When Australia was first colonized by the Britsih in 1770 by Captain James Cook. The motherland believed that this would be the ideal place to start building a new settlement in the east. Also to send their huge numbers of convicts that were starting to take over Great Britain.
  • First fleet arrives

    First fleet arrives
    In 1788 the first fleet from Great Britain arrived in Botany bay. However the fleet kept moving up to Port Jackson to start up a settlement because they believed that there wasn't a sufficient fresh water supply even though James Cook had proclaimed this area to be the most suitable place for a settlement whilst he was in Australia in 1770.
  • First fleet arrive in Port Jackson

    First fleet arrive in Port Jackson
    On the 21st of January the first fleet arrived in Port Jackson (Sydney). The settlement started quickly and it became aware that the so called "ideal farming landscape" that Captain Cook had set Australia out to be was wrong. The convicts found it very hard to start the settlement due to the poor soil and insufficient water supply.
  • British flag raised up in Port Jackson

    British flag raised up in Port Jackson
    Captain Arthur Phillip raises the British flag in Port Jackson, signifying the first settlement in Australia.
  • More fleets arrive

    More fleets arrive
    Ships are now arriving more frequently with more convicts to help build the settlements
  • Free settlers arrive

    Free settlers arrive
    In 1793 the first free settlers started to arrive to help create the new colony.
  • Convicts sent to Van Diemens Land (Tasmania)

    Convicts sent to Van Diemens Land (Tasmania)
    In 1814 the settlement of Hobart was well underway and alot of convicts started to be transported to Hobart. Also the cruelty of the convicts on Norfolk Island had become apparent and prisoners now were being sent to Van Diemens land.
  • Sarah Island

    Sarah Island
    Sarah Island opens up. This was where the re offenders were sent. Sarah island is located in the west of Tasmania and this place was probably the worst place to end up because of the harsh weather conditions and cruel labour.
  • Harsh treatment of prisoners on Norfolk island

    Harsh treatment of prisoners on Norfolk island
    By 1825 the second settlement on Norfolk island became abundant with convicts. It also became very clear that the convicts were being treated cruelly. This started the convicts mostly to be sent down to Van Diemans Land.
  • Port Arthur opens

    Port Arthur opens
    In 1830 Port Arthur opened has a timber station and then re-opened as a gaol in 1833. Port Arthur became the largest convict station in the penal era in Australia.
  • Sarah Island closes

    Sarah Island closes
    In 1833 Sarah Island closes. The settlement only lasted ten years due to it being very remote and hard to access.
  • Port Arthur closes

    Port Arthur closes
    In 1850 port arthur closes as a penal prison and is left. Around 12,500 convicts had passed through the cells of Port Arthur. Port Arthur was a harsh prison that broke down criminals and tried to rehabilitate them. Also aroud 2500 of these convicts had died during thier time at port arthur.
  • Last transport of convicts

    Last transport of convicts
    In 1868 the last transport of convicts were sent to Western Australia. Over the 100 years over 162,000 convicts had been sent to Australia to be used as cheap labour.