Outbreak of World War One

  • Period: to

    World War 1 1914 Events

  • Assassination of Austrian Crown Prince and Wife

  • War Broke Out

    War broke out between Austria and Serbia, and soon Germany, Russia and France join the war.
  • Germany Invades Belgium

    They invade Belgium to attack France. Britain and its Empire declare war on France, meaning Australia joins the war.
  • Men Rush to Join Australian Imperial Force

    Men form all over Australia join the Australian Imperial Force
  • 5000 Troops march through Melbourne

    The troops marched through Melbourne before they embarked for the war.
  • Australian Fleet Leave for Europe

    A fleet of 38 Australian cruisers leave for the battlefront in Europe from Melbourne and Sydney.
  • HMAS Sydney Destroys German Raider Emden

    HMAS Sydney destroys the German raider Emden near the Cocos Islands.