outbreak of world war 1

  • assasnation of the australian corwn prince and his wife, the crises later dissapeared

  • war breaks out no where. australia and serbia, australia declared the war against serbia, russia moved against australia, germany, declared war on russia and russias ally france.

  • germany invaded belgium to attack France. also on this day Brittion declared war on germany and in Australia the prime minister immediatley placed and the navy under the overall commond of the brittish Admiralty.

  • men from all over Australia rushed to join the australian imperial Force.

  • 5000 troops march through the streets of Melbourne before they went to war.

  • Australain cruisers, (Melbourne and sydney) were escorted to the battle front of Europe.

  • The HMAS sydney had found and destroyed the German raider Emden near the cocos Islands.

  • Period: to

    brakeout of world war 1

  • assassination at sarajavo