Penal System in Australia

  • Land claimed for British Crown.

    In 1770, after the land known Australia had been in contact by the British twice. The explorer Captin James Cook mapped more along the east coast of Australia. On the same endeavour he also claimed this land for the British Crown.
  • Period: to


  • Transportation Act

    The Transportation Act is autherised. New South Wales will later be selected for this purpose.
  • New South Wales - transportation.

    New South Wales is chosen for British Transportation.
  • First Fleet

    Brittan decided to use this land for a penal colony. The first fleet arrived in Sydney Harbour on the 16th of January 1788 aboard 11 ships, carrying around 1500 people, over half being convicts. This date is now celebrated each year as Australia Day.
  • second fleet

    The second fleet of convicts arrive in Australia.
  • Third Fleet

    The third fleet of convicts arrive in Australia.
  • Risdon

    The first penal settlement in Tasmania, Risdon was made by Lieut John Bowen when he brought 50 settlers, crew, soldiers and convicts.
  • Van Diemans land.

    The colonies of Van Diemans Land was established.
  • transportation - too harsh?

    Sir William Molesworth is appointed to look into the idea that transportation may be too harsh a penalty. Molesworth came to the conclusion that the transportation is does not deter criminals, and should therefore be stopped.
  • New South Wales discontinued transportation.

    The transportation to New South Wales has been stopped.
  • flogging rare

    In Australian Colonies flogging is now a rare punishment.
  • Transportation of women.

    The Transportation of women is abolished by the Penal Servitude Act.
  • shipments of convicts stopped.

    From the first fleet in 1788 to this year of 1868, 160 000 men and women were brought over to Australia as convits.
  • Executions

    Exectutions must now be done inside the prisions.
  • Last people flogged.

    A group of Aboriginals are the last people to be flogged in Australia.
  • last hanging

    The last hanging in Australia, of Ronald Ryan at the Pentridge Prision in Melbourne.