Annotated Time Line

  • Create

    Students will create an account at Be sure to write down your username and password on the index cards provided.
  • Period: to

    Important Scenes Annotated Time line

  • Log in

    Log in to your new timetoast account using your new username and password.
  • Check

    Students will check their emails and activate their account through clicking the link or copying the url into the address bar of their browsers.
  • Click

    Students will click the CREATE TIMELINE link in order to create a timeline of important events (scenes) from their assigned point of change and/or conflict from the Modern Age of World History.
  • Period: to

    Add Events

    Students will add important events from their assigned point of conflict and change to their timelime. For each important event, students will use the DESCRIPTION Box in order to add annotation explaining the event and its importance.
  • Adding images

    Students may also add images by using the CHOOSE AN IMAGE link when adding an event or timespan.
  • View Timeline

    After adding and annotating all the important events from their assigned conflict and change, students will click the VIEW THIS TIMELINE link, located on the bottom left of the Edit Timeline screen.
  • Change Status

    In order to save their timelines, students will change the status of their timelines from DRAFT by clicking the CHANGE STATUS HERE link.
  • Publish

    After clicking the CHANGE STATUS HERE link, students will click the PUBLISH link in order to save their timelines to the internet.
  • Embed in Conflict and Change Play Bill

    Once published, students will view their timelines. Students will then click the EMBED/SHARE link below their timelines. The SHARE This TIMELINE window will appear. Students will copy the EMBED CODE. Students will then return to and their Conflct and Change Play Bill. Students will scroll down to and place cursor under the heading "IMPORTANT SCENES".

    Once cursor is properly placed, students will click the WIDGET link in the Editor toolbar. Students will select the last link named "OTHER". The Other Widget window will appear. Students will paste the EMBED CODE into the blank text box. Students will save Wiki Page.