• The depression

    The depression was ending fectoris were hallering 25$a week.
    Gas has 50c a galon,Bread coas 1c,have a hair cut 50c,Glass of beer cost a dime,Avisit to the doctor cost 2.oo$.The prices were lower.More people have jobs.
  • Faeit in Earope

    There was a faeit in Earope.Paris decame a city of Refeugiz.By the end of June fransia suranded.Hitler was in paris .December 7 1941 aday in infument the unites states of america was surently attack by reatle forses of a inpaller of Jepan
  • The speech of fdr

    Yesterday,December 7,1941 a date which will live in infany the Unites S tates of America was sudenly and deliderately in attacked by navel and air forces of the Empire of Japan.The United States was at peace with that nation and the solicitation of Japan