History of Technology

  • First Motion Picture

    the Zoopraxiscope was developed by Eadweard Muybridge, it played a series of photos in motion.
  • Escalator was Invented

    Jesse Reno invented the escalator. It looked like a moving staircase.
  • Redesigned Escalator

    In 1899, Charles Seeberger redesignes the escalator invented by Jesse Reno
  • E=mc2

    Albert Einstein created the thory E=mc2 in 1905.
  • Pop-up toaster invented

    In 1919 Charles Strite invented the pop-up toaster.
  • First Robot Invented

    Karel Capek invented the first robot, it was called the word robot.
  • The First Traffic Signal

    Garrett Morgan invented the first traffic signal in 1923. automobiles had been invented for 20 years.
  • Penicilin was Found

    Alexander Fleming found Penicilin in 1928
  • The First Credit Card was Invented

    In 1950, Ralph Schneider made the first c redit card
  • World Wide Web was Created

    Tim Berners-Lee made the World Wide Web in 1990