1940 to1949

  • fast food

    They bring food to peoples so they made money. So no more long lines. People us the drive. They make billions and billions of dolldrs.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japan was upset with the u.s becaues they did not gave oil to Japan. Japan taked over Indochina. So Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. The us declare war on Jaapan. So us droped Atomic bombs on Japan.
  • WWII in America

    WWII in America
    When Japan bomded pearl Horbor they stared WWII. 6 years in war. Sarce robeclug. Women give up sololing for the war. That was the big war that Jappan stared.
  • Oklanomo Theater

    The oklanomo theater. People thought that it would fail. They did not have stars. They had movie. They had fame.
  • Red CROSS

    Red CROSS
    The red cross stared the blood banks. So the red cross star to help ofter wars.