• President Truman

    Presidenat Truman approve the production of the hydrogen bomb.
  • Peanuts

    The very first Peanuts comic strip, written by Charles M. Schulz, was seen in seven newspapers on October 2, 1950.When Schulz sold his first strip to the United Feature Syndicate in 1950, it was the Syndicate that changed the name from Li'l Folks to Peanuts a name that Schulz himself never liked.
  • A new idea

    In 1949, Frank X. McNamara thought of a way for customers to have just one credit card that they could use at many stores. McNamara discussed the idea with two colleagues and the three pooled some money and started a new company in 1950 which they called the Diners Club.
  • A new law

    The Immigration and Nationality Act, or INA, was created in 1952. Before the INA, a variety of statutes governed immigration law but were not organized in one location. The McCarran-Walter bill of 1952, Public Law No. 82-414, collected and codified many existing provisions and reorganized the structure of immigration law. The Act has been amended many times over the years, but is still the basic body of immigration law.
  • A new cure

    In 1952 kids were getting diagnosed with the measles and poloio.Jean Ryan was disabled by polio.She didnt know how to protect her son from polio.in 1954 Dr. Jonas Stalk introduced his vaccine. then in 1955 Jean watches her son get vaccinateed.
  • The new highway

    By the late 1930s, the pressure for construction of transcontinental superhighways was building. It even reached the White House, where President Franklin D. Roosevelt repeatedly expressed interest in construction of a network of toll superhighways as a way of providing more jobs for people out of work.
  • Disneyland

    In 1955 Walt Disney thought of an idea to open an 8-acre park and call it Mickey Mouse Park.
  • The creation of Mcdonalds

    The creation of Mcdonalds
    Richard and Maurice Mcdonald had worked out a way to make burgers and fries quickly and uniformly.Krock aquired rights to Mcdonalds in 1954.krock was moving 50 million burgers a year from 100 resturaunts.krock later purchased the mcdonalds brothers out of the fast food industry.now in both krocks and the mcdonalds brothers autobiography the siteof the origional mcdonalds restraunt is a monument
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks
    Rosa Parks is a was 42 when she stod up for her rights. James Blake was the bus driver, he told Rosa Parks to give up her seat to a white guy. Rosa Parks refused to move and got arrested. She was known for being brave.
  • Explorer 1

    Explorer 1 became America's first satellite on January 31, 1958. Following the Soviet success with Sputnik and the embarrassing failure in December 1957 of the first American attempt to launch a satellite, the U.S. Army launched a scientific satellite using a rocket that had been developed to test guided missile components.
  • A new toy

    A new toy
    The company that created the Toy, little, plastic, interlocking bricks known as LEGO started as a small shop in Billund, Denmark. Established in 1932 by master carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen who was aided by his 12-year-old son Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, the company made wooden toys, stepladders, and ironing boards. It wasn't until two years later that the business took the name of LEGO, which came from the Danish words "LEg GOdt," which means play well.
  • New Territory

    In 1959 Alaska and Hawaii became part of the U.S. They were the admitted the 49th and 50th staes.
  • A new Dictator

    Ever since General Fulgencio Batista's successful coup in 1952, Fidel Castro had worked to oust Batista from Cuba. At first, Castro used the legal system but when that didn't work, he resorted to violence.After a failed attempt to control the Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba in 1953, Castro spent two years in jail before being released and traveling to Mexico.