• 527

    Church of St Sophia

    Church of St Sophia
    527-65: Justinian reigns as greatest Byzantine emperor, & builds Hagia Sofia, greatest Christian church in the world for nearly 1000 years
  • 537

    King Arthur

    King Arthur
    Death of King Aurthur of the britons, at the Battel of Camlan.
  • 540

    540-561 War

    War between Persia and the Byzantine Empire.
  • 554


    Justinian reconquers part of the Visigoth kingdom in Spain.
  • 570

    Muhammad Birth

    Muhammad Birth
    Muhammad was born in the year 570 in the town of Mecca
  • Period: 570 to Jan 1, 632

    Muhammad life's time line

    Muhammad life's time line
  • 575

    Muhammad became an orphan

    Muhammad was five year old when his mother take him to town few hundred miles north to Mecca. On return journy his mother died and nurse take Muhammad back to Mecca and live with is uncle.
  • May 23, 600

    500- 900 CE

    500's - 900's: The Byzantine Emperor invites Central Asian Turks into Anatolia to serve as mercenaries
  • May 22, 610

    Muhammad Receives First Revelation

    Mecca's new materialism and its traditional idolatry disturbed Muhammad. He began making long retreats to a mountain cave outside town.
  • May 26, 611

    611-616 Persians and Arads

    The conquests of the Persians and Arabs cost the empire its territories in the Middle East,North Africa,Spain and Sicily.
  • May 22, 613

    Muhammad takes this Message Public

    After several similar experiences, Muhammad finally began to reveal the messages he was receiving to his tribe. These were gathered verse by verse and later would become the Qur'an, Islam's sacred scripture.
  • May 22, 622

    Muhammad and the Muslim Emigrate to Medina

    Muhammad and his few hundred followers left Mecca and traveled to Yathrib, the oasis town where his father was buried.Yathrib soon became known as Medina, the City of the Prophet. Muhammad remained here for the next six years, building the first Muslim community and gradually gathering more and more people to his side.
  • May 23, 625

    625-628CE Military period

    In March, 628, a treaty was signed between Muhammad’s tribe and Madina, which recognized the Muslims as a new force in Arabia and gave them freedom to move throughout Arabia.
  • May 23, 630

    The Conquest for Mecca

    The Conquest for Mecca
    In January, 630, they marched on Mecca and were joined by tribe after tribe along the way. They entered Mecca without bloodshed.
  • May 23, 632

    630-632 CE Muhammad’s final Years

    After the pilgrimage, he returned to Medina. Three months later on June 8, 632 he died there, after a brief illness. He is buried in the mosque in Medina.
  • Muhammad in Mecca In car of an Uncle

    Muhammad's grandfather died in 578. That time Muhammad was about eight year old and grew up with his uncle Abu Talib.
  • 580-594 CE Muhammad's Teen

    580-594 CE Muhammad's Teen
    Muhammad worked as a shepherd to earn a living. In his teens he sometimes traveled with Abu Talib.
  • Muhammad Acts as Caravan for Wealthy Tradeswomen, Khadija

    Muhammad Acts as Caravan for Wealthy Tradeswomen, Khadija
    When Muhammad was 20 year old he entered the service of a wealthy Meccan merchant, a widow named Khadija. Muhammad carried her goods to the north and returned with a profit.
  • 595-609CE Muhammad’s Marriage and Family Life

    595-609CE Muhammad’s Marriage and Family Life
    Khadija impressed by Muhammad's honesty and character, Khadija eventually proposed marriage. They were married in about 595. He was twenty-five. She was nearly forty.
  • 528-534 Western European law

    Justinian's most lasting achievement was to organize the Roman legal system into the Code of Justinian.
  • Period: to

    Other Religious things