Native American History

By foozy
  • Sep 8, 1564

    The First Thanksgiving

    TThe first thanksgiving was held on September 8 1564. The pilgrims and the natives celebrated. They had lots of food and many games. It was a time to celebrate everything they had. For the pilgrims would have died without the help of the natives back then. When the natives came to help the pilgrims had already been through a winter already and had lost many lives due to sicknesses.
  • The War of 1812

    In 1812 a war happened between England and America. The British decided to hire a Native tribe called the Creeks the creeks. The British knew the creeks would agree to it for they hated the Americans for taking over there land. For many long years they fought on. The creeks killed any American they saw that were living in small towns and houses. Many creeks, American and British died fighting.
  • The Trail of Tears

    The Trail of Tears
    On March 25th 1838 the United States Goverment pushed the Native Americans of there land and into Oklahoma and Texas. About 17,000 members of the Cherokee Nation (A tribe of Native Americana’s) were forced from there lands in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee and were taken west by American troops under the command of General Winfield Scott they travled about 800-mile trail. The journey around 93 to 139 days. But about 4,000 people mostly infants, children, and the elderly died.
  • Gold Rush

    During the gold rush many westerns arrived in the Natives territory and started looking for gold. This was good for the settlers for gold was priceless in the old days. But the Natives started picking up many sicknesses that the westerns had. They where unable to cure them selves for they did not know of the sicknesses the westerns carried. Many died and caused many tribes to be lost forever.