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Mexican-American War

By sridge
  • Texas declares independence from Mexico

  • Texas becomes an independent nation

  • John L. O'Sullivan published his paper on Manifest Destiny

  • Mexican General Santa Anna threatens U.S. with war if Texas is annexed

  • 54-40 or Fight

  • U.S. Congress passes bill for annexation of Texas

  • President John Tyler signed the bill for the annexation of Texas / Mexico and U.S. end diplomatic relations

  • James K. Polk becomes President

  • Polk sends General Zachary Taylor to protect Texas from Mexican invasion

  • Texas Republic votes to become part of the U.S.

  • The U.S. government asked the Mexican government if they would permit an envoy to "adjust all the questions in dispute between the two Governments."

  • The Mexican minister requested an envoy and asked the naval force at Vera Cruz be removed

  • John Slidell was sent to Mexico with an envoy to establish the location of the Texas boundary.

  • John C. Frémont entered California with a small armed force

  • Mexican minister refused Slidell's offer

  • Annexation of Texas and Texas becomes 28th state in U.S.

  • Thornton Affair

  • Polk encouraged Congress to declare War

    Congress conferred for a few hours and the decision was quickly made to declare war on Mexico.
  • Congress declared war on Mexico

  • Bear Flag Revolt begins in California

  • Mexican Congress declares war on U.S.