The killing sea richard lewis

The Killing Sea Kelsey Scott

  • Exposition Background 1

    Exposition Background 1
    Ruslan has had a couple of nightmares about a ship crashing and he has had many nightmares about monsters.
  • Exposition Setting 2

    Exposition Setting 2
    -Ruslans house
    -Coffee shop
    -Sailboat from Malaysia to Bali
  • Exposition Characters 3

    Exposition Characters 3
    -Ruslans father
    -Westerrn family;Sarah, Piper, Mom, and Dad
  • Rising Action 1

    Rising Action 1
    Surf Cat gets stuck on the mast and won"t come down.

    Animals charge out of the jungle and the sailboat strts to get sucked father into the ocean.
  • Rising Action 2

    Rising Action 2
    -Everything is Ruslans house collapsed because there was an earthquake
    -Ruslan"s father woks on the oil tanker and Rusaln went right to work when the cafe owner saw him wandering around looking for his father
  • Rising Action 3

    Rising Action 3
    -The Dreamcatchers keel touched the bottom of the ocean
    -The western family has to get out of the boat and rush to the shore
    -Sarah could hear a hiss of water rushing into the bay
  • Rising Action 4

    Rising Action 4
    Sarahs family is running and her dads foot got stuck in a hole.
  • Rising Action 5

    Rising Action 5
    Sarahs mom died because she got caught in the tsunami.
  • Climax/Turning Point

    Climax/Turning Point
    Peter got medicine which helped him get better.
  • Falling Action 1

    Falling Action 1
    A doctor helps Peter and gives him the medical attention that he needs.
  • Falling Action 2

    Falling Action 2
    Ruslan finds his mother dead.
  • Falling Action 3

    Falling Action 3
    Ruslan finds his fathera car where all of the dead peoples cars are located. This made Ruslan think that his father was dead.
  • Falling Action 4

    Falling Action 4
    Ruslan finds out that his Uncle is a rebel and Ruslan travels along with him.
  • Resoultion 1

    Resoultion 1
    Peter got proper medical care from a couple U.S. Marines.
  • Resolution 2

    Resolution 2
    Ruslan found his father and he was alive.