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Kangaroo Jack

  • Ordinary World

    Ordinary World
    Charlie helps his life-long friend Louis deliver a t.v. shipment and soon fijnds out that the t.v.s are illegal and they are chased by cops. They lead the cops to Charlie's stepfathers, a mobster, headquarters and they avoid bein arrested.
  • Setting and Characters

    Setting and Characters
    Characters: Charlie, Louis, Sal, Jessie, Mr.Smith, Frankie,.
    Setting: Spring 2003 in Australia
  • Period: to

    Exposition and Rising Action

    The characters are introduced and the problem becomes known. You begin to see what will happen in the story snd you also discover the setting. The adventure of Charlie and Louis becomes known!
  • Call To Adventure

    Call To Adventure
    Sal tells Charlie and Louis that they have to deliver a package to a man named Mr. Smith in Australia. Charlie is forced to take the offer to try to keep his beauty parlor.
  • Refusal Of The Call

    Refusal Of The Call
    Charlie is scared to fufill his deal and thinks about running away, but Louis comforts him and tells him it will be a great adventure to go on.
  • Threshold

    Charlie and Louis hit the kangaroo while driving through the outback. Louis put the jacket(with the $50,000 in it) ot the kangaroo. The kangaroo then woke up and ran off with the money and the jacket. This started the wild and crazy adventure.
  • Challenges and Temptations

    Challenges and Temptations
    Louis is tempted to see what was in the envolope and finally looked and saw the money. Then the kangaroo runs offf with the jacket and they go on a wild goose chase to find the kangaroo. They then crash and get caught in a sandstorm and cant get back. They also are avoiding being killed by Mr.Smith and Franky.
  • Ordeal

    Charlie's ordeal is at first trying to get the money back from the kangaroo, but at the end the ordeal is to avoid being killed by Sal, Frankie, and Mr. Smith
  • Reward

    Charlie and Louis take the $50,000 for a jump off point to start their new hair care product. The product becomes a hit and they becom multi-millionaires. Charlie also got the girl.
  • Period: to

    Climax and Falling Action

    The most suspenseful pa rt of the story is seen and the aftermath of this event is known. You also see how the hero ended his journey and how the story turned out.