Road to WW2

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    What events during this period influenced WWI? Consider causes, inventions and technology, wars, political ideologies. Political Map of Europe 1800 Political Map of Europe 1900
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    Industrial Revolution

    Industrial Revolution (video)Period marked by increased production of goods, technology, and a big changes in the make-up of the European economy and social structures. Rise of urban centres and increase in population with shift from agriculture to manufacturing society. Creation of the "working class" which made the social structure even more distinct (upper, middle, working classes).
    West Ch 7: Industrial Revolution
  • Abolishment of Slavery in the British Empire

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    Nations in Upheaval - Imperalism, Colonialism, and Resistance

    European Imperialism (video)Rise of the "Nation-State" (nationalism). Struggle for land outside Europe to consolidate power (imperalism). Rule of Empreror Napoleon III, Paris as diplomatic/cultural centre. Rise of modern Germany. Uprising and assassination of Alexander II in Russia. Social reform in Britain.
    West - Ch 8 - Nations in Upheaval <a href='' >West - Ch 9 - Imperial
  • American Civil War

    American Civil War
    1861-1865. One of the first true industrial wars (ex. utilized railroads, steamships, and mass-produced weapons). The abolishment of slavery.
  • The Ku-Klux-Klan (KKK) is created in the USA

    In the aftermath of the American Civil War, the infamous White Supremist Group is born in the southern USA. It would eventually expand across the USA and is still in existance today.
  • Transatlantic Telegraph Cable connects the USA to Europe

  • Invention of the Telephone by Alexander Graham Bell

  • The Dual Alliance (Austria-Hungary/Germany)

    Relations betweenRussia and Austria-Hungary had soured as a result of Russia attacking Turkey and imposing the Treaty of San Stefano. The Austro-Russian understanding of 1873 had fallen victim to upheaval in the Balkans. In protecting Austria-Hungary from Russia, Germany was looking out for her own interests. If Austria-Hungary were ever to fall then the Russians would be at the German door.
  • The Three Emperor League (A-H/Germany/Russia)

    This was an attempt to restore stability to eastern Europe by bringing Russia into the fold of the Dual Alliance. It was not to be successful as Austro-Russian problems flared again with the Bulgarian Crisis of 1886-7.
  • The Russian Revolution

    The Russian Revolution
    The Czar's ruthless killings of the peaceful protesters on "Bloody Sunday" would spark the revolution that would last for several months. The large number of worker-organized strikes and general social revolt would force the Czar to sign the October Manifesto granting fundamental civil liberties and certain political liberties. Thus Russia became a constitutional monarchy.