Yao ming1

Yao Ming

  • Yao is born in Shanghai, China

    Yao is born in Shanghai, China
  • Non Stop growing

    By the time Yao was in 3rd grade, he reached 5'7
  • Yao Begins to play.

    Yao Begins to play.
    Yao started playing basketball at the age of 9.
  • Basketball becomes life.

    Basketball becomes life.
    At the age of 12, Yao starts to become serious about playing baskeball. His parents sent him to a sports academy to further increase his skill level
  • Joining the Sharks

    Joining the Sharks
    When Yao was 13, he made the Shanghai Sharks junior team.
  • Yao with Nike

    Yao with Nike
    Nike invites Yao to come to their basketball camp in Paris.
  • Yao makes varsity

    Yao makes varsity
    Yao Ming makes the Shanghai Sharks varsity team at the age of 17.
  • The draft

    The draft
    Yao decides to enter the 2002 NBA draft. He is drafted to the Rockets.
  • Yao against the Lakers

    Yao against the Lakers
    Yao drops 20 in one of his first NBA games against the Lakers. He shot 9 for 9.
  • Rookie of the month.

    Rookie of the month.
    Yao recieves the western conference rookie of the month award.
  • Olympics

    Yao plays for the Chinese olympic team in the 2004 olympics at Athens, Greece.