Three Philosophies of China

By ploppy
  • Period: 210 to 551

    Philosophies of China

  • 551

    Confucius is Born

    From 551B.C.E. Confucius is born in China.
  • 551


    Confucianism is introuduced. (Rulers should lead by example, and people should deeply respect their elders.) This was created by Confucius.
  • Laozi (supposed founder of Daoism)

    According to Myth, Laozi was leaving China and the gaurd told him to write downall of his teaching of Daoism.
  • Daoism

    Daoism is when you should always keep to your self and have no one aboe you and no one below you. rulers should almost not rule and just be every relaxed.
  • Hanfeizi (inventer of legalism)

    Hanfeizi thought that China needed a stricted punishment system and introuduced legalism to China.
  • Legalism

    Legalism is when strict punishments were given out for the slightest little mistake. A ruler was suppposed to rule with a iron fist and a army behide him. He slso should trust no one.
    The Qin dynasty also caught on to its teachings.